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    Originally posted by drumsr
    Thanks to all for your responses! I got word from the department I was applying with and they DQ'ed me because the polygraph came back as deception indicated on the drug question. I really wish they would have done a background investigation as it would have clearly shown that I never have messed with drugs or even tried anything one time. After reading numerous posts about polygraphs, I realize that not everyone passes the 1st time...kinda bummed though. It's hard to be told you are lying about something you feel very strongly against.

    Is it pretty standard for depts. to DQ someone based on the polygraph results without doing a background check?
    It's SOP to DQ you for a "failed" poly, even if the people who administer them say otherwise I call BS. There is nobody out there in their right mind that would hire someone with a failed polygraph. The liability issue alone would be enough to prevent you from getting hired but they would also have to admit that the polygraph isn't 100% if they hired you after failing. We all know that isn't going to happen.

    Just press on and chalk it up as experience. Myself and numerous officers I know personally have failed a polygraph while passing multiple others.


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