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  • Background - PLEASE READ

    Chances of getting hired with a Maryland Dept?

    Age 14 - arrested for tresspassing/vandalism (community service)
    Age 15 - arrested for MJ (community service)
    Age 18 - went to court for driving on a suspended lic but charges were dropped. (dropped charges)
    Age 17-18 - two driving tickets.

    As you can see, I made some huge mistakes when I was younger, honestly completely unaware they would have such an effect on future employment. I take full responsibilty for these actions of course, and as they were completely out of my character I have matured and learned from these experiences. I am currently obtaining a BSD in Psychology, and want to apply to law school. After graduating law school I want to apply with a Maryland dept. I want to apply at the age of 25/26. If my record is kept completely clean from ages 19-26 with no tickets or anything, what are my chances? I have a good employment history, do not drink, and have experimented with MJ less than 10 times in my life. I really want an honest opinon, its hard to accept the fact that what I did when I was 14/15 could keep me from becoming an officer and I truly regret that. But, I'm trying to turn my life around and I already have, and being from an LEO family (...yes i know) going on a few ridealongs and taking CJ classes, I have realized that I really want to become an officer. I hope that a dept would be willing to give me a chance. Thank you so much for time and consideration regarding this post.

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    I wouldn't say your chances are shot since it was when you were a kid.

    Driving under suspension is the biggest issue you've got and you said the charges were dismissed. Nothing you have done is worse than most guys have done, they just probably never got busted and thats what will hurt you.

    Good luck!


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      Have you considered other local agencies? Not to sour you on Mo Co, but sometimes its best not to put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak. I think the most impotant thing for you is to be completely honest. Everyone has made mistakes, especially at a young age.


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        i've seen people with "worse" things in their past that are the police now, so i think you should be ok. and as someone else said, don't get your heart set on one department. there are so many departments in the DC area to pick from........apply for a few and you will greatly increase your chances of getting hired. good luck to you.


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          None of the issues you mentioned is a DQ by itself. Most agencies look at "totality" ,as in the number of times a particular offense was committed. Your key here is the same honesty on your application that you have shown with us. On your SPH list all the charges,the date(s) they occurred, and the disposition of each. If any charges were "expunged", list them, as a Background Investigator can access them. Good luck.


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            Don't get down. None of those are TOO bad. I have a friend on a department who had his license suspended several times before he was an officer.
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