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    I'm working on my resume in anticipation of future Police Officer job postings in my area and was hoping to get some tips on what to include/not include on my resume. I've been through the resume writing workshops while in school but I'm not sure if the tips are relevant to this type of career. For instance, I was told to remove my GPA's, collegiate athletic acheivements/awards, academic honor societies, etc. Basically keep it breif and to the point. However, I feel included the items listed above can help paint the picture of being able to balance the academic demands of college while also participating in athletics and also teamwork and leadership abilities for example.

    I also attended four different universities/colleges while pursuing my undergraduate degree but currently only list the ones I've received degree's from (AA, BS). Unless the posting specifically calls this out, should I included all the universities/colleges I attended or leave it to the ones I earned a degree from.

    Any tips/feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Most agencies don’t accept resumes. What state are you applying in?


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      I've read other posts on this forum discussing resumes and I've needed one for every other job I've applied to so I just assumed I would need one. I would be applying in Iowa.


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        Ask Iowa or in the Iowa thread.


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          Most city, county and state civil service agencies determine an applicant’s through competitive testing, where applicants are scored based on the number of correct answers they give to written and oral questions that measure their ability to actually perform the duties of the position they are seeking. Successful applicants are then hired in the order of their score (highest score first, next highest second, etc.) It is the employer that defines the testing criteria and out of fairness and consistency, all applicants are judged against the same standard.

          Allowing applicants to submit a resume subverts the civil service system. First, resumes are not required, so accepting one gives an unfair preference to the person submitting it, by allowing them to be rated on whatever additional criteria they place on their resume. Next, there are unlimited number of life experiences one can place on a resume, forcing civil service personnel to research the relationship of each one to the duties of the job being sought, in order to assign a point value for scoring purposes. (How many points do we award because someone knows Power Point, or sung in a choir at church?) Such a task is overly burdensome. Finally, for immediate scoring purposes, there is no way to determine the truth and accuracy of the information on a resume versus results of a validated test.

          I have a resume. If you read it, you will think I am a God. I am not a God, but I know how to carefully word a resume without lying and make myself sound like a God.

          Submitting a resume is like putting lipstick on a pig. Here’s what most folks in law enforcement think of resumes and why my agency refuses to accept them, letters of recommendation, or anything other than our own testing materials during the testing and scoring process.

          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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