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Contacted by another background investigator..


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  • Contacted by another background investigator..

    I recently finished up everything to be recruited as a police officer. Im waiting on a clearance from my physician to be mailed to my psych in reference to anti depressants I had been on a couple years ago. I finished my backgrounds, did my official interview and was given a conditional offer of employment as long as my medical test passed and psych. My question is this... Today another background investigator called and said he needed more details that the other investigator didnt get in reference to the last time I smoked weed (over 10 years ago) he asked how long my interview with my last investigator was and where it took place. Has anyone else experienced this? My clearance was mailed to my psych we are just waiting for her to recieve it. However, this second investigator freaked me out a bit. I thought it wad odd. Thanks for any help!
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    Sound to me like your investigation is NOT finished.

    Since we have absolutely NO idea what is going on at that particular agency.........I really doubt anyone here can really help you. All I can say is that the process continues until it is over
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      Since Iowa pretty much covered it I'll just add this... Tell him you were too high during the interview to remember.


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        It may be that your original BI did a crappy job, the brass caught it, they assigned a new BI to go over it and he is scrambling to make sure you are a good guy and the old BI didn't let a dirt bag sneak through.

        A few years ago we fired a BI for doing just that. Instead of actually going out and conducting investigations, she sat home watching television while writing fictional reports saying she contacted people she never met, conducted interviews that never took place and reported things that were never said. In some instances she claimed to have gone to businesses that had been closed for years and interviewed people who had been dead for years.

        She let a few gangbangers slip through and we had to pull them out of the academy and reject them on probation.
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          Whichever agency finishes the entire process first wins. That was always my philosophy.


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            We've had BI's quit or transfer in the middle of investigations. The second one had to come in and just reconfirm stuff to ensure the work product is up to snuff.


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              My BI took over a year for my TS clearance. In that time I had worked with 3 separate BI's. They retire, reshuffle, get transferred, go on vacation etc etc.

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