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    Good Morning,

    I have been in the law enforcement hiring process since April of 2017 where I have successfully passed Written, Physical, Oral Boards, and submit background packet. I submitted the background packet May of this year and I have not heard nor received a letter for the police agency. Early July of 2017, I sent an email to the recruiters regarding hyphenation of last name and then asked for if possible for a status update on my application which I never received an answer back. I definitely understand that background investigation portion is going to take some time. I have never been arrested nor charged with any crimes resulting in court appearance. I have had speeding tickets, all of which are paid in full. I have a pretty good credit score (mid 600s) after buying a house last year. Police Academy is set for early September and its been three months since I have submitted my background investigation packet. I recently was accepted to the University of Florida's Master of Forensic Science program online and classes start August 21st, but I do have until August 25th to defer from this semester. Should I contact the recruiter to just get an update to see if I should defer or not based on what they say?

    Thank you for your time

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    Do you know what position you are on the list? Do you know how many they intend to hire for the next academy? Knowing that will give you an idea as to whether you are reachable for a September academy.

    Bear in mind that if you were signed off today on the background, you would still have to go through the medical and psych. Timewise, that's a pretty tight squeeze for a September academy.
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      From the hiring seminar, the recruiters stated about possibly 4 individuals would be hired. I have no idea if the number has changed since then. I received notification about passing oral board and moving forward to Background which I submitted three days prior to the final deadline, but I did not receive email nor letter about ranking from Oral Boards or the other components.

      I believe that Academy would be for September 4th or 11th.


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        With just four vacancies, it is unlikely you scored high enough on the list to be processed for the September academy if you have heard nothing by now.

        Here's a couple clues. Did you have an initial interview with your BI to go over your package and documents after you turned them in? Have you had your discrepancy interview with your BI to clarify derogatory issues that developed during your background, or things that were in conflict with what you listed in your package? Have any of your references or employers been contacted? If not, no one has touched your background and apparently you are not reachable as of yet.

        Remember, as vacancies occur, applicants are processed in the order of their rank on the list (highest score first, next highest score second, etc.) Personal History Statement takes a lot of time to full out, so it is not unusual to send them out to people who are high on the list but not yet reachable, so they are available for the BI and ready to go when their time comes for that applicant to eventually be processed. With this in mind, just because you sent in your package doesn't mean they are processing you.

        The best way to figure out when they will get to you is to find out what your position is on the list, how long the list is good for and how many vacancies they intend to fill during the life of the list. By doing a little math you can come up with a ballpark idea as to when you might get the call.

        After I retired I applied for a Fed job and ranked 56 out of a list of 1,300 successful applicants. Scoring in the top 5% I felt pretty good about myself until I found out the list was only good for two years, during which they expected to fill 32 vacancies from it. Obviously I was never going to be reachable and I knew I would never hear from them again.
        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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          Without knowing what's going on inside their organization I have absolutely no idea.

          If they have 60 slots in the academy, it could be that you are number 50 on the list, they are backed up in processing and everything will happen at the last minute. When I was hired by the state I received a letter on Thursday telling me to be moved 400 miles and report for duty in the State Capital at 0600 the following Monday. On my first promotion I had 30 hours notice to move 80 miles and report for duty at Midnight.

          It could be that you are number 64 on the list and they processed you in anticipation of someone turning the job down and calling you to fill that spot.

          As far as hiring more than 60 to compensate for those that drop out - not likely. Government agencies are authorized (budgeted) to employ a specific number of people. You can't hire a new person until a current one vacates their position. Over hiring in anticipation that someone will leave doesn't work. There's no money to pay for the extra positions.

          It also could be that they are processing you in anticipation of creating a new cadet class for the next academy. My agency has so many vacancies the we are knocking out academy classes one after another and our HR and BI staff are working non-stop to have those classes filled.

          So in short, re the delay - your guess is as good as mine.

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        Keep applying to different agencies. Don't get discouraged. I agree w/ L-1. Be willing to move to another part of the country if possible. Good luck, don't give up.
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          Keep applying. I was in two different processes at once, both of which pretty much did the written, physical and oral at the same times as the other department. One interviewed me in April of that year and I didn't hear anything for a month. A buddy of mine who was also in the process got his rejection letter a week after his interview, so I figured I was all good.

          By the time August rolled around I got my rejection letter. I laughed and crumpled it up... It was mailed to me a month into the Academy after I had been hired by the higher paying department.


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            I've turned background packets and was assured that I would hear from them either way. About 17 + years later still haven't heard from them.
            Keep applying.


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