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Anyone failed a medical exam?


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  • Anyone failed a medical exam?

    Anyone know someone or have failed a medical exam? It seems like the topic with the least bit of information. I would like to know the process, how effective appeals and second opinions are ect.

    If anyone could share personal information such as overcoming any conditions to get their job, or getting a job with a certain condition, I'd certainly like to know about it!

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    Also curious if anyone has failed a medical for one agency and got hired on for another, if that is even possible.


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      Generally speaking, in civil service, minimum requirements must demonstrate a legitimate relationship to the position being sought. This applies to everything from education, to licensing, to medical and physical standards. For example, it would be unreasonable to require an applicant for an Accountant's position to be able to do a fireman's carry of a 150 pound dead weight for 20 yards. Similarly, it would be unreasonable to require an applicant seeking a job as an orange picker to have a Masters Degree in Mathematics.

      If someone is DQed on the medical, the employer must show that the medical standard in question has a valid relationship to the job in question. It is amazing how many things most people aren't aware of about different illnesses or injuries that can affect one in a law enforcement position. To get just a taste of some of these things, take a look at California's Medical Screening Manual and pick an illness https://post.ca.gov/medical-screening-manual.aspx
      You'll be floored at what you find.

      In better response to your question, when you get to the heart of it, there are two legitimate basis for appealing a medical DQ. The first is that you do not have the disqualifying condition. This could be that the department doctor misdiagnosed you, or insufficient records were available for evaluation, or you have been fully healed since you were last examined - there's a whole list of possibilities here. The second basis is that the medical requirement you failed to meet (and which was used to disqualify you) does not have a valid relationship to the job you are seeking. This is a hard one to prove because a lot of medical and legal research goes into establishing these standards in order to comply with Federal law. Odds are you won't win on this basis.

      Getting a medical requirement waived is pretty much impossible because you then run EEO (discrimination) issues. All people in civil service are supposed to be treated equally. If they make an exception for you, but not for everyone else, the issue of preferential treatment rears its ugly head. If they make an exception for everyone, the civil service principle of hiring the best qualified candidate is defeated.

      I don't know what state you're in, but go here https://post.ca.gov/peace-officer-se...ons.aspx#c1954 and start reading at Section 1954. It explains how California handles its appeals process.

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        Originally posted by opposingforce View Post
        Also curious if anyone has failed a medical for one agency and got hired on for another, if that is even possible.
        5 years ago I failed a medical exam due to a chronic knee problem that happened to flare up only about a month before the academy was about to begin. The injury was somewhat minor, but the doctor wanted to do a more extensive examination on it, which the agency would not pay for. As a result, I was removed from the process and told to reapply for the next class when (hopefully) it would be healed up. Normally, this particular issue would probably not have been a problem, but this was for a state police academy that is VERY physically demanding and included a lot of long runs. Not a good place to come in day one with a bum knee.

        Needless to say, I got hired by my current agency. The problem is gone for now, and it doesn't really limit me all that much when it does flare up.

        For you, it'll all depend on what the situation is. If you have a serious problem that could greatly limit your ability to safely do the job, you're probably going to be a no go everywhere. If you have a temporary or minor problem, I'd say keep trying.
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          You should sue. Everyone who is DQ'd should sue. Force them to hire you.
          Now go home and get your shine box!


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            I once failed a PT test ( a long time ago ), but that was it.
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              Depends on what the DQ was for. I had a colleague that failed due to high blood pressure. Doctors changed his meds, then he was good to go.
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                Originally posted by HI629 View Post
                Depends on what the DQ was for. I had a colleague that failed due to high blood pressure. Doctors changed his meds, then he was good to go.
                yep same here,didnt get DQed but was on stand by to hire till it was what they wanted it to be,white anxiety they called it


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                  We had a few people that failed a medical evaluation because of body fat %. Luckily my department steered away from BMI since it is completely worthless in this field. Me, for example, am 5'10 and 235lbs but only 14% body fat. On the BMI chart I am listed right around obese/severe obese.

                  Needless to say, we don't do a physical agility test so we tend to get applicants that failed other agencies PT evaluation and tried their luck with us. Doesn't work when your career motivation comes from mom's basement eating hot pockets and watching too many cop shows.


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