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Will my medical problems stop me joining


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  • Will my medical problems stop me joining

    Hey, I was wondering if my medical problems would stop me from joining any form of security services
    ​​mainly armed police.

    i suffer with aspergers (high functioning Austism) however I cope well problems that other aspies may struggle with
    Such as working in a team and taking orders something aspies certainly struggle with.

    I also have eczema which I know is a massive no for the army, I can control it with creams and have been known to go ages without a flare up or any issues with it! It only appears on one arm no where else.

    I don't have any criminal record or been hospitalised
    ​for any reason.

    would this stop me from applying? To anything with security, I know the army is out of the question. But I also know I'm more then fit enough to pass a physical.

    but what about medical, any chance with that?

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    Go here and read about eczema and the implications it has for people in law enforcement. http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Derm.pdf

    Print a copy of what the website says, take it to your dermatologist and ask him to read it. Then ask him to pretend he is the police department's physician who is being paid to represent their interests and not yours. Ask him if, based on the standards in the website, he would approve you for hire knowing what he does about your condition. That will give you a ballpark idea as to where you stand.

    With respect to aspergers, in most states, every law enforcement candidate is evaluated to determine if they are free from any emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a police officer, and to otherwise ensure that the candidate is capable of withstanding the psychological demands of the position. Whether you can be hired will depend on your mental state at the time of processing, as determined through a series of written and in person psychological evaluation as administered by a licensed psychologist employed by the agency you are applying with.
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