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    I am trying to clarify how vet. pref. works. If 2 people get the same score on a civil service test, one got the score with vet. pref, the other without it and passed all other parts of the process as well...and their score is reached, isn't it the vet who would get called before the non vet???

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    Not always. Each Civil Service exam is different depending on the department. Not every dept/agency that uses A Civil Serivce process or an exam to get hired utilizes the Vet Pref. You would have to specify which department you are referring too.
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      As Irishlad indicated, it will vary from agency to agency.

      In my department, eligible veterans, widows/widowers of veterans, and spouses of 100% disabled veterans have 5 or 10 points (depending on the exam being taken) added to their final test scores . Eligible disabled veterans have 10 or 15 points (again, depending on the exam being taken) added to their final test scores. That's the only preference they get (and it's a pretty big one).

      However, once a qualified veterans preference candidate obtains permanent civil service status, they no longer qualify for veterans points in future exams.
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