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  • Being passed by....

    I took a test for a department, and then I had an oral interview, and did very good. I heard that I ranked third out of a total of 10 candidates. Here is my problem. I have six months left of college, and I also heard that they have hired three new candidates from my hiring pool. So my question is, do you think they are just waiting for me to get done with college, or did I get passed up because I have six months left of college. I still have the background and psych to do, but I don’t know why they don't have me start on that while i'm in college. If anyone could give me some info that would be great. Thanks

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    Maybe they feel that they will not have enough time to do the rest of your testing to have you ready in time for the next academy date and they might be pushing you back to the next academy. At least on the west coast I dont see a Dept. waiting for someone to finish school before they hire them.


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      In most agencies, hiring is done according to your ranking on the hiring list, which is usually based on your written and oral test scores. The department usually has the discretion to hire any of the top three scoring candidates when a position comes open. The list is then readjusted and they can take from whoever is now in the top three ranks to fill the next position, etc.

      For example, in filling the first position they can select from those persons who are #s 1, 2, or 3 on the list. Let's say they take #2. The list is then readjusted and #s 1, 3 & 4 become the top three. The department is then limited to hiring one of them for the next spot. However, let's say they offer it to #1 and he waives the spot. Now the top three become #s 3, 4 & 5.

      Some agencies play games with the hiring list by structuring the test to have people tie for scores. For example, get 95% or more of the test questions right and you are in rank 1. Get 90 to 94% right and you are in rank 2. Get 85 to 89% right and you are in rank 3, etc. When structured this way you can have 20 or 30 people tied for the top three scores, giving the agency their pick of just about anyone they want.

      Call your agency, find out where you are on the list and how far they have gone down the list in hiring. Next, find out how many ranks they can choose from in hiring off the list. If they have gone too far below you (lets say you are number 3, they have their choice of the top 3 on the list and they have already hired number 10) then there may be a problem and you need to ask why you have been passed up.
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