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  • Do I have a chance?

    About 6 years ago I failed my polygraph, I was being truthful but when the person giving exam came back with the, I was being deceitful on a couple of question, I made the mistake of going further in to is questioning. Even with that I told the truth, but got the failure. After that I ended up going into the computer field.

    Last year myself and my buddy both went out for MPDC, we both scored high on the written, we passed the background and medical, but both failed he psych test. I don't know why I failed, after leaving the psychologist reveiwing my psych test, he made it look like I passed and would be processing on. My investigator told me that she has seen people fail the psych and go on to be cops in other departments. And even had people fail and come back into the process and make it into the department.

    My questions are:
    Will those keep me from getting into policing?
    What my investigator told me; was she blowing smoke by giving me false hope, or was she being honest with me.

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    The failed tests alone will not disqualify you from future L/E jobs. However, they will provide a basis for further inquiry by your background investigator and the shrink.

    Interpretation of the psych results can be very subjective and I have seen people fail at one agency only to pass at another. As far as the psych is concerned, how you will fare at another agency will depend solely on the results of the test they give you and not previous failed tests. The shrink at the next department you test for may use findings from the failed test as a basis for exploring certain areas when you go for the interview but again, the results will be based on the latest test.

    Likewise, the background investigator at the next department you test for will certainly look at the failed poly and based on their information, inquire into that part of your past. But again, pass or fail here will be based on what your current investigator comes up with.
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      i know several people who have applied with DC and failed the psych, only to go on to other departments.......one of those people is a VERY HIGH RANING official in his department now........good luck.


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