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  • Medical question???

    I was put on hold for my medical. They said I need to get my shoulder looked at because I had dislocated it when I was 13 from wrestling. It popped back out 2 summers ago. My Dr. for my medical exam said I was defered until I get an evaluation done from a Orthopedist within a weeks time.I also have to provide records from all my phsyicians from the last 2yrs. I have Irritable bowel syndrome and I can't eat dairy foods if I do I have an outbreak. They told me I need to provide all the records from that Dr as well. I am not on any meds for this either just so you know. My last thing is I went to a marriage counselor 2 years ago during my seperation from my ex-wife and I got very depressed and had some anxiety I saw him a total of 6 times he prescribed Lexapro 10mg for 3 months and took me off and saw major improvements after my divorce was underway. I had SITUATIONAL depression as they would call it. The Dr. I saw during my medical exam wants my records from the marriage counselor as well. IS this all normal during your medical to provide RECORDS from all these different Doctors? And Do I still have a shot getting cleared on my MEDICAL after I provide all this? Please provide any opinion PLEASE!!! By the way my MARRIAGE counsleor described in my records that this was STRICTLY situational depression and that I was cleared from treatment with him and taking the LEXAPRO.
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    Is this normal?
    Do you still have a shot?

    Someone very close to me processed with Balt. City about 6 years ago. Their process was also put on hold until they could provide all of their medical documents and a release from an expert in the field stating that their med. problem would not negatively affect their job performance. Now mind you, this person has a heart condition (born with a hole in the heart, high blood pressure, and a murmur).
    The records were a pain to get (and costly). The clearance was a pain in the neck to obtain as they chose to get it from the most reknown cardiac expert in the State (and ridiculously expensive) so there would be no doubt as to the clearance. I would think your shoulder wouldn't be a problem as long as it does not limit your ability to perform the job.

    This person ALSO had a major depressive episode late in highschool and into college. They received counseling and were put on an antidepressant for it for a few years. They got off of it as soon as they were able to so they could pursue this profession.

    Within 1-2 weeks of providing all of the requested/required information/records/clearances, this person was given their final offer of employment with BPD.

    As long as you're honest, explain everything, get your sh1t together ASAP, and are willing to jump through the hoops-your medical should not stop you.

    Good luck and feel free to pm me if you want more info.
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      I wouldn't worry too much. The most prescribed drugs for police officers after they are hired are for high blood pressure followed closely by antidepressants. They just want to be sure everything is OK. It's all about liabilty.
      In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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