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Help, Need to make a decision.


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  • Help, Need to make a decision.

    Good day to all

    I am currently interested in applying for various Police departments, but I would like to know your honest opinions about each one, so that I can make my decision as to which one I should pursue. Here we go.

    1. Prince George's County Police, MD
    2. Fairfax County Police, VA
    3. Fairfax County Sheriff's, VA
    4. Arlington County Sheriffs, VA
    5. Metro Transit Police, DC
    6. Howard County Police, MD
    7. Maryland State Troopers

    These are just a few but if you all have any other ones to add on to I would greatly appreciate it. Keep in mind I'm prior Air Force, and I don't have 60 credits.

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    what are you interested in doing?? metro transit you will spend a lot of time on foot, have to go through 3 different academies...but you will probably make more than all of those other departments. they make a ton of money there and have unlimited OT. I'm in an academy with a bunch of them right now and the vast majority are really great guys.


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      1. PG County Police: In my opinion, working there is setting yourself up for failure. That community has a reputation for disrespect of law enforcement. I grew up in the DC area, and would not consider working there.

      2. Fairfax County Police: The agency has a good reputation and the financial support of the local government. They have some of the best law enforcement assets around (i.e. helicopter, full time SWAT, etc.) However, I do know that a good number of guys are jumping ship over there; some due to micromanagement, others due to insufficient pay considering cost of living.

      3. Fairfax County Sheriff's Office: One of the best places to work if you want to be a corrections officer. However, I'm guessing by the places you applied that you want to be a street cop. Working in the jail is not being a street cop.

      4. Arlington County Sheriff's Office: See #3, except that I think Fairfax has a slightly better reputation. However, you might get better street experience with Arlington; unless things have changed in the last few years, their deputies are serving most of the criminal warrants in Arlington.

      5. Metro Transit Police: Good pay, plenty of action if you work the right areas. However, working foot patrols, and not a traditional police job. Also, I'm not too keen on spending 40+ hours a week in such a high-risk terrorist target. Plan on spending the better part of a year in the academy to get certified in 3 jurisdictions, plus specialized Metro training.

      6. Howard County Police: I don't have enough information to formulate an opinion.

      7. Maryland State Troopers: They have a good reputation in my book. However, the agency is probably a lot more geared towards traffic enforcement than the other agencies you listed.

      GOOD LUCK!
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        Think about the LAPD.


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