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What's Wrong with P.G. County Police


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  • What's Wrong with P.G. County Police

    Good day to all I would first like to say that this is my first post so bear with me.

    Well I'm interested in the Law Enforcement arena, and one department in particular I would like to apply for has gotten a bad rep around the D.C. Area. Which one you all say well, Prince George's County Police. I would like to join them but I want to know why in the world are they always a department that takes a lot of heat. Everyone I talk to when I tell them I want to be a cop always say first stay away from P.G. even my wife. It really ****ess me off because no matter where you work being a cop your life is always at risks, and people don't understand that no matter what department your with there is that fact that you can be shot. I look at it this way if it's your time to go then it's your time to go. But all in all I think P.G. would be a good place to start my law enforcement career at. Having grown up in P.G I don't think it is really a bad place. It's just like any other place. You have your goods and bads about the area. Hopefully someone can shed some light on my concerns, and tell me what is so wrong with joining the P.G. County Police. I would like any opinions from P.G. County Police both former and Present, as well as other D.C. area agencies to add there two cents in or PM me. Thank you all.
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    I know nothing about PG County, But is it Cops or Civilians telling you this. I have found that the Civilian view of a bad place to work and the cop view of a bad place to work are two completely different things. When I got my first cop-job, my Mother was thrilled, I was working for a University Police Dept. She thought I would be completely safe, got in my first gunfight in less than thirty days. in two and half years I had four gun fights.
    I have had "good" civilian advice, and regretted paying attention to it.
    So go ask the cops that work there, let them tell you if it is a good place to work. As they are the only people that matter in that oppinion.
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      PG County is a violent county. Thats a fact. More so the area bordering DC. PG has what DC had 5-6 years ago. DC is pushing the criminal element out of the city. Thats no big secret. As a result, PG has become more and more violent over the years. They are extremely short staffed. Often, we(DC Police) respond to the county/city line to assist one another for a variety of reasons. They show up on the county/city line with 4,5,6 cruisers. We show up with 25-30 cruisers, half of which are doubled up with 2 officers. Their jaws drop to the ground and it reminds them just how short staffed they are. They have zero support from the community. They lose a ton of officers who lateral to other agencies. This, along with so many other things destroys moral. I could go on and on and on...

      On a positive note. PGPD is a great dept insofar as training, camaraderie, and benefits go. Good aggressive officers working there under very tough conditions. If you can look past all that crap PGPD puts up with, PG is a good place to work. The problem is alot of folks cant. You have to weigh your options and decide what you want as LE officer. Good Luck!
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        I grew up in DC but now I live in PG. I know PG has a high crime rate but I just dont see it where I live. I even see like 5 PG police cars parked in the complex I live in like 24/7.

        Hey Joe159 do you ever run into any Metro Transit officers, if so what do you think about that department?


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          PG is str8 ghetto.. very few nice areas and yes I am very familiar with the county as I grew up just outside there but still work.drive there everyday
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            Metro Transit is a very good dept. Very well trained and well equipped as well. They have a very long academy due to their tri-jurisdiction(DC, MD & VA). Not too busy but can be at times, depending on what area they work. I believe they are hiring at the moment.


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              Well Thanks everyone especially Joe159. I hope to hear for officers opinions. Keep'em coming.


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