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Degree or Military Experiance?


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  • Degree or Military Experiance?

    Would the recruiting Police departments rather see a college degree or military experiance in the applicants?
    Thanks for the replies..

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    If I were in charge of such things, I would require both. Military service weeds-out the great majority of attitude problems, as well as instills a level of maturity that usually can't be taught in a classroom.

    However, a good college education teaches skills that the military never will, such as proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and other invaluable skills that will serve you well in a police career.

    Written reports are a HUGE part of a police officer's job, and if it looks like a grade-schooler wrote your reports, that opens up a HUGE loophole for any competent defense attorney.

    Why not do both? You can easily earn a college degree while in the military, as long as you're motivated to do so.
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      Most agencies require at least 60 college credits before you can apply. The military experience will help with discipline and bootcamp will help you get through the police academy (running, push-ups, and having someone yell in your face). I know agencies in Delaware are now lowering college credit requirements for military experience. As mentioned by the previous poster you can't go wrong doing both.
      As for college you dont have to major in Criminal Justice. I was told by several agencies that they will teach you everything you need to know in Criminal Justice. Take something you will enjoy, will do well in, and something you can fall back on if Law Enforcement doesn't work out.


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