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    Hi Im new to officer.com & I was wondering if I could get some advice, let me give a little background on myself, I joined the Navy back in 1997, and got a pretty bad driving record during my 4 year enlistment. I got out the Navy thinking that it would be easy to get in an agency because of my honorable dishcharge. I was in for a big surprise, I applied with several agencies including Miami p.d and, Oklahoma city p.d, and got shot down because of my driving record. It's now 3 years later and ive cleaned up my driving record. I'm ready to start applying again, but I live in Oklahoma witch requires a bachelors degree for any agency, witch I dont have. I have a friend who is applying for Las Vegas p.d and wants me to go in with him, I am willing to relocate, but dont really have an idea where to begin yet, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I would contact the lrecruiting division to where you want to apply and explain what you just stated here and see how they would like you to proceed. Then if you are told that you will be ok, ask them about a possible expedited processing program.

    Good luck
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      If you got DQ'ed for your driving record, well thats going to follow you around no matter where you apply. How serious were your offenses?Even it's been three yrs and you have not had any traffic violoations, etc. Theres still the fact that you have a bad record as you have listed. I would, before going all the way to Vegas, call them to see if you meet their requirements with your driving record instea of going all the way out there and getting shot down. Also it seems you are applying to just big-city departments, you may want to see about starting off in corrections or applying to small town police departments.
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