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41 Year Old Rookie? Your thoughts Please...


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  • 41 Year Old Rookie? Your thoughts Please...

    41 yO Rookie. That's what I'll be if I complete the Academy in 6 months. I'd like to hear from officers who started late in life or know others who did.

    Here's a little bit about me:
    Retired Coast Guard, 20 years service
    BS degree
    11:20 1.5 mile run, 60/60 push/sit ups (not great but I hang with the youngsters)
    Worked in th civilian sector for 1 year and I miss the camraderie, mission, etc.

    What will be the hardest part of starting at 41?


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    Originally posted by OldDog44
    What will be the hardest part of starting at 41?!
    Having snotty nosed kids that think they know something about something being your peers.

    I went through the RCMP training academy at 33 after having spent 8 years as an Auxiliary (reserve officer) and 10 years working on the mass transit system. I had great success in my job, and moved from being a first responder into the control centre.

    In my academy class we had a recruit that had just turned twenty, had never been out on their own, and worked a part time job. You couldn't swear around the person and anything remotely or inadvertly sexual would offend the person to the point of leaving the room. I've literaly had more fun in a Church. Training for that person was like a six month long winter camp.

    Good luck and hopefully you won't have to re-live highschool like I did!!


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      We can RETIRE here at 48 after 25 yrs. What are you thinking ?


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        Us Coasties are hard chargers!


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          NOT about retirement...

          "We can RETIRE here at 48 after 25 yrs. What are you thinking" ?

          Actually, I don't NEED the retirement pension since I've already got one from the military. Of course, it would be great to have another retirement income but I want to work and will probably need to well into my 60's like most of the rest of my generation.

          My question was about the job, not the money. If I wanted to put money first, I would not be considering LE. At my age and position in life, I want a career that is rewarding. Working with people who are "professional", team-oriented, in a fast-paced/high-speed environment is what I'm after.

          Just wanted to see if there were any other "Old Dogs" out there and hear their stories (like the RCMP officer). Thanks!


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            Just the facts ma`am, just the facts.


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              Deleted -- posted in LE only..sorry
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                I am not trying to hijack you thread "OldDog44", but I would like to know also. I am 37 now and would be 38 by the time I got out of an academy. I am good shape and have easily max'ed all of the PAT I have gone through so far. However I am curious to know the same thing as you, what are the benefits and drawbacks to starting a LE career later in life...
                "We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?"


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                  Thanks, HarleyDude!

                  That's the kind of input I'm after. Good, bad, whatever. Just give me your thoughts on older guys/girls joining the ranks.

                  I know I'm too old for Federal, and likely too old for most State jobs. I've called around to a few departments near St. Louis and they all have said age is NOT an issue. But I guess they would HAVE TO say that.

                  What is the age policy at your departments?


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                    I decided to attend the academy at age 34. There were 3 others in my recruit class that were older than me, though 2 dropped out before the end.

                    I was 35 the first day I put on the uniform. I work a FT job outside of LE and work as a PT officer for 2 departments. I am fully sworn and have the same authority as FT officers. Almost two years ago I decided to give the process a go at the largest department in our area (about 400 sworn). It is uncommon for somebody to be offered a position on the first attempt. I was, but for many reasons that have nothing to do with this topic, I chose not to become a FT officer.

                    I don't say this to brag, but to give you some background for my answers to your questions.

                    1. You have life exprience. They can't teach anyone that in the academy. That will serve you well on the streets and give you perspective.

                    2. If you're in good enough shape at 41 to hang with the young'uns, you probably lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. Thats' good on many levels.

                    3. Your military background will serve you well in a police organization. You know about discipline, respecting authority, taking orders, getting the job done, etc.

                    1. Even though you're in good shape, your days of hurdling fences and horse-collaring bad guys are limited. Especially since most of the ones you have to do it to are half your age or younger. It also also takes longer to heal and get over the aches and pains after even a light tussle.

                    2. Some of your age-peers in the department may not treat you as an equal due to your rookie status. I've had to gulp down the ego when a sergeant 10 years younger than me has chided me for an error.

                    3. People will mistake you for the experienced officer. I once showed up for a training and said what department I was with. One of the class participants came up to me and said, "You must be the new chief."

                    Overall, I've found a late entry to law enforcement to be rewarding and personally fulfilling. It helps keep me hitting the gym for workouts so I don't fall too far behind in the foot chases. And it's sure a lot more exciting than what I do for M-F 8-5.
                    Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                      What evryone has said is true, so there's no need for me to elaborate. I will add, however that despite the apparent drawbacks, i'd go for it, if it's what you REALLY want. We had an ex-airborne ranger at 51 go through the academy. Damn good troop & even as a rookie a good example of a professional.....Good Luck!


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                        At Best

                        You won't look like a fresh face rookie kid.


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                          I am a recent graduate and I am almost 34. We have a cutoff age of 29 but they allow up to 35 if you are prior military. There was maybe 10 people older than me and we all did pretty well. I know the oldest guy ran around a 9:20 1.5mile.

                          What I have noticed so far is that the guys at my station are glad I am older. They have nothing nice to say about younger recruits out of the academy showing attitude.

                          I am 5yrs or so older than my FTO but I am used to having people younger than me in charge being prior military.

                          As long as you are in good shape you will do fine.

                          Best of luck!
                          Can you say DYNASTY? Go Patriots!


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                            Go for it IMO....I just turned 35yo(July) and am in sevearal processes right now. I'm leaving a company which I pretty much run right now to start over.

                            GL to ya
                            Just shut your damn hole

                            Dead Souls-----They keep calling me


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                              Thanks for your time!

                              Great stuff folks! I really appreciate the time you all took (especially you Kirch) to help me out. Best of luck to you all and be safe.


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