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  • "Attractive" Candidate

    What can one do, besides the obvious (joining the military or learning another language), to make themselves a more 'attractive' or 'desireable' candidate?
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    No offense, but there are tons of threads about this.


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      A lot depends on what department. Generally speaking, most big departments have a rigid structure in their hiring process. Therefore, you will be evaluated on your performance on their tests. There is little room for objective opinion in the start of the hiring process. Once you get to the background investigator, he/she may have a bit of input, but if you are a good candidate you will still move forward, they are not trying to get "all military candidates" or "just the guys with the degrees". They are looking for well rounded, level headed individuals that can make decisions. So long as you meet the requirements set forth by the department, you are a viable candidate.

      What makes you more attractive: Good hair, good skin,.... just kidding. Work ethic is a big part of your past. Criminal history, run in with LEO's, work ethic in school, your job, dependable, reliable, on time, etc . If you do well on the tests and are given a oral interview, you will be a far better candidate if you are squared away, have command presence, confidence, speak well, answer directly, make sound decisions and stick to them, have had a good work history to show you are responsible, good financial record, and so forth.

      First step is to apply and do really good on the test, that is the first thing they use to minimize the hiring list, and I have seen guys with master degrees not do well on some.

      Search the forums, lots of info on this site


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