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  • ok I need some advice

    I actually have three parts to this question. The first part is, I am 19 years old and have a minor drinking offense tagging along with me. How will this affect my future in looking for a career as an officer?
    The second part is where do I start? I am currently attending school to get a bachelors in criminal justice. I am still far from my goal as I seem to take the fewest allowed classes necessary though. he he. I am not really sure if I should be finishing here or applying to the places I am looking to work for. I heard that some departments will do the college reimbursement thing so should I apply when I have the lowest amount of credits necessary and try to get in right away somewhere, or just finish here at my community college? Do I need all the required classes in order to start, I guess is what I'm getting at. How and when does the police academy come into play with all this too??! Im so confused and dont really know what direction to go. Oh, and by the way I am with a significant other who might be sticking around for a while if you know what I mean so I cant just pack up and go because we have priorities together.
    The last part is this: I would love to become an officer someday soon but do not know where the opportunity is greatest for me. What, or where rather, would be a good place to look for a "well" paying career in this field? We are thinking about Tulsa, OK, so is there anywhere near there where the pay is going to be better than most places? This is just a general question, I will post it somewhere else where I can get a variety of answers also.
    I really appreciate your help as I am "stuck" and do not really know which direction to turn so anything is good. thanks again!! Carmella
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    You have a long life ahead of you. I don't want to bash you for being young, but getting into a decent agency is very competetive these days. You have to be able to market yourself. The best way to do that is to finish your degree, and it does not have to be CJ. Diversity is the key, if you get your BS in CJ and then get hired and injured at 23 you're going to have to start over. Most agencies do not care what your degree is in, business, government, public relations, foreign languages, sociology, psych, whatever, there are many different fields of study that can be carried over into LE and are also marketable outside of the field.

    If you can do some volunteer work or even dispatch while you are going to school it wouldn't hurt. Volunteer work with any public service organization is helpful.

    Good recruiters for good agencies will look for well rounded candidates with some sort of life experience, demonstrated abilities in dealing with the public as well has problem solving and handling stress. Education is a bonus.

    Working full time as a cop and going to school is not easy, especially when you are young and have a sig other. Your first few years will be spent just trying to figure out what the hell you are doing, this will occupy the majority of your time at work and away. If the last three years I have managed to knock out about 70 hrs, but I have no life. Since the baby arrived last Jan, I have had very little time for school.

    I don't want to dissuade you, but these are just some things to think about. As far as the alcohol thing goes... That is going to depend on the charge, circumstances, and amount of time that has passed since. It is not a dq on its face.

    Good luck and seriously consider getting your bachelors before you make the jump.

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      hmmm... ok that helps alot, and it was a notice to appear for minor drinking, classified as a misdemeanor, 100.00 fine.
      It is better to have fallen in love and lost it than to never have fallen in love before


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        I agree with webjeep, first thing to do is finish your degree. I would also recommend changing your major to something other than CJ. Business Admin isn't a bad way to go, but that is soley up to you. Your minor drinking charge would not dq you but it always helps to put time between the offense and application. You may want to start working in a related field ie loss prevention at a dept store. Hotels also hire LP agents but they're called something different (can't think loooong week). You can also do security or work in juvenile corrections for a few years. Also get internships and volenteer work. Also start making contacts with your local pd, state pd and other Law Enforcment/ Corrections agencies. They make for good professional references on your applications. Also stick with your job throughout college (recruiters look at it as if you were committed to something). Join CJ organizations (good way to make contacts). This field is very competitive so you have to want it and you have to make yourself look good. You will be competing with thousands of applicants. If you want something you have to do what it takes to get it.


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