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  • Background DQ question

    Can anyone answer a question or give an opinion regarding military service history.I have just turned 45 yrs of age and attempting to be hiried by a larger urban pd. Here is my question at the age of twenty three I recived a Other than Honarable discharged for a pattern of misconduct.(USMC)There were some extenuating circumstances but the bottom line was I was a inmature foolish kid. I have since lived my life in proper order.What are my honest chances of being hired by a PD with this in my background.
    I have corrections,court security and prisoner transportaion experience and some investigation exp.I maintain my physical condition and have 56 cr hrs of collage.Can anyone give me some insight.Will I ever get hiried or am i wasting my time.
    thank you for any help that can be given
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    Background Question

    No one out there has an answer or experience it help me with this


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      I guess it would be hard to give you a definite answer. The only black mark is over 20 years ago. I would say go for it. Be honest about the discharge from the military. Most of the mistakes people make will pale over time. Don't get discouraged because some agencies might get hung up on your past. Almost everyone has things in their past that they're not proud of. Every agency looks for different things.



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        I would say if you worked for a govermental leo agency, your
        background is clear and see no problems.
        your maturity level from 23 to 45 is way different also.

        in any event...i started when i was 23
        i amnow yr age.....so i know where you are....

        good luck and hopeya get hired

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          thank you for your input and encourgement it is appreciated


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            You will never know unless you try and if you don't try it, you will regret it down the road,so give it a shot and see what happens.
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