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    What are some of the languages that federal agencies are looking for?
    Thanks for the replies..

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      Im fluent in Armenian...would that give me an advantage when applying?


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        Really depends on what agency your talking about.

        ICE- You deal with immigration issues so Spanish is taught and looked for.
        DEA- Various languages are a benefit but not required.
        FBI- Almost any arabic or similar dialect is an advantage

        Lots depends on what you are looking for. Arminian, last I heard, was not one of those languages that are "hard to find people that speak it" types. Nevertheless, any additional language that you speak is always an advantage over someone who speaks one.


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          what about for the U.S. Customs or Secret Service?... I heard they made the biggest U.S. Embassy in the entire world in Armenia


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            Customs is part of ICE. At least the investigator side is anyway. The inspection side is now part of CBP. All part of Homeland Security. Now as a inspector at an inspection facility (port= airport, port of entry, etc..) they use many interpretors since there are so many different kinds of languages spoken there. For instance if you work at LAX you will need more interpretors just because sooooo many people fly into LAX, versus working at the San Diego port, more of a need for Spanish.

            Inspectors do have LE powers but are limited to certain federal authority and many are not even armed.

            Secret Service like any other agency has so many different types of "jobs" within it that to say "hey we need this language...." is a bit too broad. Secret Service is not all that you see or hear about on TV, remember that they do more than just guard the President and a lot of those jobs are not as fabulous as you may think. Only a small percentage actually get to be the earpiece wearing, high speed, low drag gadget gods.

            You really need to base your "desire" of an agency to what you like or want to do. To look at what language is accepted will just leave you miserable if you end up where you don't want to be. You do not speak a language that is in "high" demand. Just like spanish, muchos hablan!

            As for the biggest Embassy. I can't speak to the size thing. I do know that all embassies fall under the State Dept and many agencies are represented within that umbrella. As for how big, just depends where you are and what is needed, certainly no easy answer.


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              IMO .........speaking Armenian is not really going to help you out applying for a fed agency.......an additional language is always a benefit. Armenian is not one of those languages high in demand. As far as working for CBP ........you can get an additional 5% in pay for speaking another language but you have to take the test. Those tests are administered once in a blue moon. As far as our authority is concerned CBP Officers (no longer inspectors)........have a very broad authority. We mainly enforce both Immigration and Customs laws, but can enforce all federal laws and many times come across state and local warrants and NCIC's. Keep in mind that border laws and search authority is quite different then constitutional law. All Officers are armed and have 24-hour carry. Any officer w/o a weapon is either on the disciplinary action or a part timer.
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