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oral board vs. captains interview?


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  • oral board vs. captains interview?

    i just took the oral board, results in a couple days, the captain's interview is supposed to be the next step. what's the focus of the captain's interview? anything specific i should prepare for? alright thanks for any help you might have.

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    I just took my oral board yesterday and the interview was conducted by a Captain and a Detective. I got some great tips before hand from others on the site which I am greatful for. Research the city to be familiar with it, Know things about the PD your applying to (i.e progams, development, etc).

    I was asked some of the following questions.

    Tell me about yourself, why LE, what can I bring to the Deparment, my weaknesses, a problem I encountered with a co-worker and how I handled the situation, I was asked if I was fearful of physical contact, danger, etc. where do I see myself in 5 years in life, with the Department..... I viewed the process as a chance at selling myself and why I'm a good fit for them.

    The best question was a scenario: My FTO is 18 year vet, everyone likes him, good family,etc. FTO and I respond to an alarm at 7/11 while it's closed that ended up just being the door being open and the breeze caused the alarm to go off. My FTO takes a sandwich and a soda without paying for it and starts to eat, my FTO just stole, he's a flat out thief, what do you do?

    Hope this helps, good luck


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      Melky6, do you mind telling us how you responded to your questions?


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        I definately was honest and didn't BS, which I hope was conveyed. I am going to be to the point with some answers. I spoke about my upbringing briefly, school, college, hobbies, what I do for a living now and I that I have been focusing on entering LE. 5 years starting a family with my wife, buying house, further education, etc.

        5yrs with Dept. I knew about the divisions they have so I spoke about learning as much as I could in each of them to be a more well rounded officer, that I wanted to move in rank but first absorbing as much knowledge as possible and doing this on the streets. I spoke about bringing postive energy, being thorough, seeing things through, ambition to help those in need, I'm fair and respect others at all times, I'm reasonable person, think things out and don't act hastily, etc.

        I'm not fearful contact or using violence in the appropriate manner. I mentioned I box with a guy at the gym, can't get much more contact than that and the contact sports I have played. I stated I would use the force necessary to gain control of a situation and use techniques that I learned in training to do so, call back up if needed.

        weaknesses- this was for me the toughest question, I took some time to really give some introspection and I first said my abs which got a chuckle but on a more serious note I sometimes tend to take to much on myself and try to be perfectionist but I have come to grips in the past 2 years I can ask for help. It kind of turned out to be a positive because I spoke about how I have taken steps to get better and instead of being the helper all the time. I also mentioned I was weak spiritually and how I have been growing in this area.

        Scenario. I stated I would first speak to the FTO and bring it to his attention and something like, do you have an agreement with the owner to pay in later, in the morning, to see what reply I get. I wanted to demonstrate that I wasn't going to quickly assume he stole and try communicating first. They said he flat out stole and he says listen your just a rookie I do this all the time. I stuck to my guns from this point and stated I would need to bring it to my supervisor if the problem couldn't get resolved.. They got a bit hard *** and said I would turn in a vet, ruin his career, he has kids, family,etc, everyone would hate me, etc. I said my job is to enforce the law and if the law is broken I need to uphold it. Again they both came at me and were asking If I had it in my makeup to ruin someones life over a soda and a sandwhich. I replied one day a sandwhich the next time something more valuable. They attempted 3-4 times to change my answer. I repeated, communicate see what's what, then bring it to my supervisor. I added I wouldn't think a law enforcement agency wants an employee who breaks the law. The last thing I said was perhaps my FTO was testing me to see If I was going to ignore it.

        >> Somewhere along this site that scenario question was mentioned but it was a cookie. I was shocked and excited at the same time when they asked me but prepared to answer it.

        I will find out in a week if I passed and if they decide to go to the next stage of conducting a background check.


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          thanks for the info, that sounds a lot like my oral board interview. supposedly i'll get something in the mail this week, and if all goes well i have a "captain's interview" scheduled. just curious if it's supposed to have a different focus or just a higher ranking person asking more of the same?


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            there is a good chance that the Capt's interview is going to be more personal. Like the other responses indicated, i.e. what do you know about the dept, where do you see yourself in 5 yrs. etc. Tell me about yourself..hobbies, kids, family life, etc..

            Just be yourself, sit up straight look him in the eyes and give 'em hell!!

            Good Luck to ya!

            oh yea, make sure your shoes are shined


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              hey, that's about exactly what happened, thanks scooterlee. i passed the the captains interview and poly is the next step.


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