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    I am scheduled for the background interview for LAPD next week. Now for all interviews,I was always taught to dress one level higher than you are seeking a position in. On the background packet,it says, do not wear a full suit, but some of guys who have been through this phase that I know have either worn a full suit and others just a polo and slacks...so should I always go to these meetings,no matter what it's for in a suit??
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    If they have taken the time to tell you not to and you do anyway then you will look like you can't follow directions if you do anyway. I'd wear wing tips, suit pants, white shirt and conservative business tie w/ a tie bar.
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      Originally posted by pkagel
      If they have taken the time to tell you not to and you do anyway then you will look like you can't follow directions if you do anyway.
      that and in all honesty... it makes you look as if your trying to hind something...
      sounds weird doesnt it?? lol... but its true.
      is there something in your background that you feel you have to make up for by trying to look better than the other candidates? etc etc... one guy was questioned because he over dressed... i was in the room right next to his and over heard the conversation.


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        I understand the above posts, but I have found after talking to several FTO's and officers on actual panels that even if the instruction tell you not to dress in a suit or suit is optional and you still attend wearing a suit you show a certain confidence and if you are asked about it you just stand your ground and explain this is who you are. I have even been told that this could be the start of the interview process to weed out applicants. Your not just showing you can read, your saying that you will go the extra mile and don't settle for average. My 2 cents worth. Good Luck


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