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  • What are my chances

    Just a few basic questions concerning my past and what they might mean for my future in LE. LASD and LAPD primarily sence I have passed both of there written and LASD oral already. The basic background behind me is I am currently in Auto Sales having just gotten out of the Marine Corps after 10 years. I entered the Marines back in 1995 and EAS'd in Aug after returning from Iraq.

    1. I don't have perfect credit, infact my credit was pretty horrible. Lucky for me alot has changed in the last year I have taken long strides to correct it all. Namely paying everything off, no Bk. Alot of my credit problems arrose from me always traveling and moving due to military commitments, 10 years in the Marine Corps. How much will this hurt my chances?

    2. I am still finalizing my disability claim with the VA. I am in very good health with no major problems just the typical injuries from serving in the Military. Will this pose a problem for my physical?

    3. Never used Drugs. Never arrested or questioned. 2 Traffic citations in 11 years (the last was for speeding in 2000). But I do have 2 cases of military Offices Hours. The 1st 1996 was for an Open Container and an Illigeal weapon (Knife) in my POV while I was serving in Japan. Its a long story, but a buddy borrowed my car and he got pulled over for speeding and when PMO searched the car the found a large knife in the trunk and a few empty containers scattered throughout the car. It was my car so I took the hit. Lucky for me my 1st Sgt and CO went and looked at the evidence and they would have let me walk but there was a PMO report on it so they had to do something. The 2nd 2001 was for disrespect to a Superior Non Commisioned Officer while on recruiting duty. This was a case were me and my supervisor didn't get along very well. I had no problems with the work or the job or with what he told me to do. Infact I did everything job wise that I was told to do very well and have the work reports to back it up. Unfortuanatly we just didn't get along on a personnal level like the other guys in the office. I didn't want to go out drinking all the time, including work hours. Nor did I want to go out womanizing either, I am now happily married to the woman I was dating back then. I am also not the kind of person who backs down from people and I was raised that if someone does something to you do it back. I thinnk we didn't mesh well together. Neither of these Office hours effected my promotions or advancements, they also did not effect my Military Career. But looking at them now that I am trying to get into Law Enforcement how might they effect me now?

    Thanks for the advice ahead of time and look forward to being a Cop one day.

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    Well first off, thanks for your service. Answers to your Q's:

    1) So long as you are actively working on getting your credit taken care of and are making effort, should not be a problem. Unless... your credit is so horrible that you have collectors calling you so much that you never answer the phone, you need to get a handle on that first. Big thing is to be responsible.

    2) As long as the injury you recieved does not limit you or prohibit you from performing your duty as a police officer then you should be OK. You MUST be able to perform the required physical abilities.

    3) The traffic tickets will be no problem. Hell while I was in the Corps I racked up a few. The Office Hours are not a big deal either, but you will be asked about them. Be up front and just explain what happened. 10 years in the Corps will give you a very big "benefit of the doubt". Most BI's may just ask some Q's and be done with it.

    From what I have read nothing you have is a red flag or a disqualifier. Just be up front when asked and answer as honestly as you can. Not a big deal.

    Gods speed. Semper Fi


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      Agreed. Out of what you listed, the credit would be the biggest flag. As long as it's corrected/being corrected, I think your chances are pretty good. Thank you for your service, even though it wasn't in the Big Green


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        Thanks for the answers. Nice to be reassured that my issues may not be as big as I thought.


        P.S. Oh the Big Green slow machine called the ARMY. Naw I decided long ago to be a rough tough lean and mean US MARINE.


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          "Respect for religion must be reestablished. Public debt should be reduced. The arrogance of public officials must be curtailed. Assistance to foreign lands must be stopped or we shall bankrupt ourselves. The people should be forced to work and not depend on government for subsistence." - Cicero, 60 B.C.

          For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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