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Finally Got Letter Of Notification


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  • Finally Got Letter Of Notification

    Well its about time, I finally recieved my letter notifying me I have reached the first stage, which is an oral situational interview. This only took 5 weeks --sheesh. I haven't posted much since joining the Forum but I have been following and reading alot of what to expect and how to approach my pursuit of my new career choice.

    I did want to post how would a recruit study for this type of interview? I did find someone local that made it to this stage and he said that there are:

    1.)4 people sitting around you
    2.)They are grading your responses as you talk
    3.)There is a tape recorder infront of you and they press play and
    you have to listen to 5 scenarios
    4.)Then you have 45 seconds to respond while they record you on
    how you would handle the situation

    You just have to answer what would you do, say and why?

    So, if anyone has experience with this type of interview please depart your wisdom no matter how small. Thanks and I'll keep you posted each step of the way.

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    Personally, I think recruits go way overboard on trying to prepare for this sort of situation. Dress well, be on time, be respectful/watch your manners and answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. No one expects you to know policy or the law, at least I hope not. They want to see you articulate and see how you carry yourself in front of a group of strangers in a stress situation.


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      I agree..Don't overprepare your answers. The interviewers will know whether you are giving a response based on your personality or one prepared for their benefit. Dress well, be early, and give them an answer that fits you.
      If you are applying for a municipal or county agency in Kentucky, the POPS process takes as much as 4-6 months to complete and make a job offer.


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