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Advice on Police Academy Needed ASAP!


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  • Advice on Police Academy Needed ASAP!

    Hi, I will most likely be starting the police academy in a little over a week (hopefully if I pass the second phase of my medical exam today...wish me luck!!!!!!!!). And I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or insight as to what to expect the first or two weeks of the academy. I'm super nervous.


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    Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Don't worry about it. Academy isn't as bad as you might think. And don't EVER be late to class!
    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
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      Like edge said...theres a reason God gave you two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. Take advantage of that. Make sure your boots are highly polished and your uniforms are clean and pressed. Within a few weeks someone in your class will emerge as being a dumbass. Steer clear. If you can't figure out who that guy is, guess what....its you! When it comes to PT, always give 110%. Never give up or quit. Nothing impresses me more as an instructor than a cadet who will push themselves to the point of exhaustion before they will stop when things get hard.
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        What type of Academy are you going to? state police, local???


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          Ditto on the rest of the boys, Eyes and Ears open, MOUTH SHUT.

          1. Pay Attention to rules and instructions.
          2. Don't be late.
          3. Don't forget any of your equipment.
          4. Don't make excuses for mistakes.
          5. Don't assume you know anything about anything.
          6. Don't try to impress the staff, except through hard work (and you don't
          have to bring hard work to their attention).
          7. Don't take it personal, the day you graduate those "sons of bitches", as
          you learn to refer to the staff, will be totally different people. Until you
          graduate the janitor has more right to be at the police academy than you

          and most important

          8. Never give up and never quit. Give them everything you have and they
          will let you know when you're not making it. All the blood, sweat, and
          tears are worth it if this is what you really want.

          After listing tears in #8, I feel required to say "Never let them see you cry"

          "A fanatic is one who won't change his mind, and won't change the subject." -Winston Churchill

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            Stay away from gossipers or back-biters- if you find yourself around someone like that, get away ! It is definitely in your best interest to steer clear of those who like to talk about instructors, other cadets, etc... behind their backs

            Everything they do is for a reason- you may not like it or understand it at the time, but it is for a reason. Roll with the punches and stay positive. Stay focused on your goal and NEVER GIVE UP !!!

            Best of luck and keep us posted....JC
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