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  • Another DQ question

    Hi guys..im 17 years old and I am very worried about my future as a cop. Ive allways wanted to be a cop, and the one thing to stop me is the DQ process. When I was 15 I came across marijuana in my backyard. The previous owner had a marijuana tree. I wasnt sure it was weed at the time so i told my friends to confirm it, they said it was and kept urging me to sell it (I had very stupid friends). I NEVER DID THO. Im just worried that they might ask it in the poly and I might get nervous or something. You guys got any advice?
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    Bro you have plenty of time before you need to worry about getting hired. Heres the thing. If you honestly, did not seel the "plant/tree", etc. Then you will be fine, although, you should have either discarded the tree, and not by lighting up either...or contacted the proper authorities, like your parents! Anyway, if you do get to the part where you need to take a poly, just be completely honest as you seem to have been here and tell them. If you keep it out, either they may find out or with your guilty concious, you may end up spilling the beans anyway. So just be upfront with everything, EVERYTHING. And in about 3 yrs when you are old enough to apply, good luck!
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