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Need Help With Becoming An Officer


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  • Need Help With Becoming An Officer

    Dear Officers,
    I am starting college in the Spring and started by choosing a Criminal Justice degree. After much thought I am changing my major to mathmatics.

    Due to the fact that I really dont know if I have what it takes to become a men in blue. So, as of now, my choices are Math Teacher (which I love math), or police officer - (which I love helping people, and I think will be more exciting )

    I am currently an EMT in NJ and love helping people so I get a glance into the law enforcement world. Whether it is assisting PD with a drunk at 1am , or stationing next to them at big high school events.

    My plan hopefully - if im accepted - is to become an aux. member of a local PD to see somewhat - what it is like to patrol the streets. In the town in which im looking into - Plainfield, NJ.

    After probation, they carry, and respond as a regular police officer. Im hearing horror stories - not about the academy - but about how some sworn police officers hate aux. I just dont want my exp. to be a bad one.

    Am I headed down the right path?

    Any comments, concerns, or statements would be appr.

    Thank You

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    You are right in deciding to change career paths if your heart isn't fully into the possibility of being a full time officer.

    As far as officers hating aux. or reserve officers, I don't believe that is true on the whole. I started as an aux. officer, then went to another agency as full time. The reserves we had on my full time agency were quite knowledgeable and did a good job at what they were asked to do. Our rules required them to be with a full time officer at all times. The agency I started with allowed aux. officers to do their own patrol and investigations once they completed training.

    The problems most officers have with reserves or aux. officers that think they know more than the full time officers. Remember your place in the food chain. Do what you are told, ask questions later.


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      I frequently tell potential officers to look into their local reserve or Aux. program before stepping into it full-time. As far as being disliked, here in Az. that just isn't the case. Period. I have a friend on NYPD's Aux. & he loves it. Realize, once you're in a P.D. uniform of any type it's not like an EMT. People will hate you & want to hurt/kill you just because of the uniform. When everyone else says "Wait 'til P.D. gets here",you no longer have that luxury. If being hated by the public,being insulted,second guessed & accused of most anything imaginable appeals to you,welcome aboard


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        Thank you all for your advice. I have decided to apply as an aux. police officer for my local city... Applications are open and the sgt. said "testing" begins in November...

        How can I start "training" for the "testing" (im assuming physical, psych., and stress tests)



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          I understand your concern. I am coming from a similar background. I am currently working as a full time paramedic, but have recently decided to pursue LE as my full time career, not instead of medicine, but in addition too. I am 1-4 months away from being hired at the first dept I applied to, and it has not been a fun road to go through. As you will read elsewhere, the hiring process is tough and selective. As for training for testing, read through the forums here (they are a ton of help), talk with the local officers to see what their process is like and look on the department website. Also, see if you can schedule a ride-along with the departments that you are interested with. It puts your face out there and shows that you are interested and willing to put in the time.


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            We had an EMT as a Reserve Officer (not sure if it's the same as an aux.?) but I personally, liked having an extra person on duty just in case. And the EMT skills came in handy a couple of times.
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