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    so how badly did i shoot myself in the foot with two recent speeding tickets? I'm 21 now, but when i was 17 my license was suspended for 6 months because of 3 moving violations in one year as a minor. obviously this sucks, but this last ticket was my wakeup call where i finally realized how close i am to looking for a new career. Thanks for all your input, i'm just not sure where i stand right now.

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    just depends on where you apply, some depts. say you must not have had your license suspended in either 3 or 5 yrs, and usually after that, they often req. another 2 or more yrs after the bare minimum timeframe. the 3 or 5 yrs is often just a minimum time frame that they will even accept your application, but doesnt mean they will consider it.


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      Slightly less then perfect.
      So do you have college degree etc ? Something that would make them overlook youthful driving record?
      What positives do you offer an agency ?


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        i do have my AA degree and some more units towards my BS. i'm actually taking this year off to work until my wife is done with school. i guess part of my stress is the fact that i'm looking for a dep. to sponsor me through the academy. i score well on all the tests that i've taken so far (written, physical, etc). anybody know about how any departments in Northern California feel about this kinda stuff. thanks a ton for the input.


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          Are you saying you have two recent tickets on top of the 3 when you were 17? Or when you refer to "this last ticket" do you mean the last one when you were 17? Just trying to clarify.

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            i have to recent tickets, this is were my wake up call came in


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