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  • Recruiting - Non US citizens


    I was wondering if someone could help . . . I have been reviewing the employment oppertunities listed on Officer.Com and have found several to be very interesting and would very much like to apply. However, I am a Canadian citizen and in reveiwing the 'requirements' they clearly indicate that you must be a US citizen to apply. Are there any departments in the US that have flexibility in the hiring process to alter this requirment? Is this a federal/ state/city requirment?

    I feel that I would make a very competitive candidate if given the oppertunity (16 years of military experience, university educated). I could provide more details if required. Why not apply in Canada? Well that is a good question. I am tried of being taxed to death and the liberal government is driving me crazy. I would like to relocate to the US with my family and have a fresh start.

    Any assistance would be appriciated.


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    A lot of Alaska Departments (including mine) don't require US citizenship.


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      Most LE agencies in the US and most state POST bodies require US citizenship of officers. However in some states, such as Hawaii, VT, IL, CO Maine and Alaska, you can apply to depts if you have permanent residency (green card). It is possible to get sponsorship from a police dept if you and they can prove to the federal govt. that there are no US citizens available to do the job. Believe it or not, in some areas, this is actually the case due to high hiring standards and a low number of qualified applicants.

      There is no federal requirement that police officers be US citizens, except for federal LE. This requirement is up to the state POST body or the individual depts.
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