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The waiting period after an oral board interview


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  • The waiting period after an oral board interview

    I went in for my oral board with Seattle PD on August 9th, and was told I would be contacted "in a few weeks." I tried calling the Background Investigator and found out she is out of the office until the middle of September. Is it normal for the BI to wait a month or more to contact a candidate after the oral board? I would think they would let the people who did well know soon after.

    If anyone out there is familiar with the hiring process of the Seattle PD, or PD hiring in general, your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Not familiar w/ Seattle, but I don't think its uncommon for the BI to take over a month. They have alot of candidates to review. Id try calling again in 2 weeks.

    Good Luck!


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      The big question is, where are you on the hiring list? If the city is hiring 15 officers during this cycle and you are number 23 on the list, no one is even remotely thinking about starting your background at this point.

      Once they reach your position on the list, you will be contacted. You might want to contact personnel, find out where you are on the list, how many vacancies they have and try to get a ballpark idea of when they may get to you. (i.e., you are number 23 and they anticipate processing 10 officer a month for the next year, so they probably won't get to you for three months.)
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        I was told they were looking to hire 95 officers this year

        At the written test, SPD said they were looking to hire 95 officers this year.

        After I passed the written test, I was told in a letter that I was ranked in the low 80s out of 216 candidates. (I know one LEO who placed #88 on the written before he was accepted.)

        I was made aware of my ranking before the physical test, where a number of candidates failed to obtain qualifying scores, and I scored 100% in all four events. I don't know if this improves my ranking, but I hope so.

        In this entire process, the waiting has been the most difficult part....


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          What's the latest status on your situation?


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            I was told that a background can take 6-8 weeks. Especially if they contact references or send out letters which my dept. does.


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              yes any news? I haven't tested with Seattle PD but have with others...am no 2 eligibility lists currently and 2 oral boards in the next 2 weeks. Some agencies are pretty slow about getting back to you even if you are at the top of the list (so I hear).


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