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  • Just a random question.

    I was just wondering about agency ran academies. For the Dept. I am starting with, they only run through enough recruits through the academy to meet their needs. Many other agencies as I understand, over hire for their academy as they expect some attrition. What happens if no one fails out of the academy, and an agency has more newly graduated officers then expected?

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    Generally speaking, government agencies are only authorized (budgeted) to hire a specific number of people, so over hiring as you suggest cannot be done as there is no funding for it.

    With that said, there is always someone who can figure a way to do an end run on the system. I only know of one agency that used to do what you are suggesting, but it was 30 years ago.

    They had a good reputation and very smooth, team oriented operation. A buddy who I went to high school with was a sergeant with that agency and president of their POA explained it to me.

    He explained that the agency recruited a specific personality type that could interact well with other department members. In search of this "personality type", they intentionally held vacant positions open longer than necessary, creating a salary savings bank. With the extra funding, they were able to hire (let's say) eight people when they were only budgeted for five. They kept those eight people for the first five or six months or their probation period, during which they determined who would best "fit in." The five who were the best fit remained and were covered in the budget, while the remaining three who may have been good performers (but just didn't match the personality they were looking for) were rejected on probation.

    It was a cold thing to do and folks that got rejected never knew what hit them or why, but the PD in question got what they needed out of it.
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      No one I know of over hires.


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