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Length of application process for So Cal agencies


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  • Length of application process for So Cal agencies


    I am currently in the military and planning to get out in July of this year. I stay in Oceanside in Southern California and have applied to San Diego PD, Costa Mesa, and Orange County sheriff's. I am going to apply to Riverside county tonight as well, and am planning on applying to San Diego Sheriff's as soon as the application process opens on April 1st. I am already set for an appointment with SDPD for the written test March 30th.

    The main question that concerns me is will I have enough time to get hired either before or at around July-Aug timeframe? It concerns me because I would be out of a job and have to do something in the meantime. I'm having trouble finding info on the websites about the actual length. Any help on how long this takes, any insight on these agencies and general advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Very generally, most if not all LE agencies in California are Civil Service. These are often lengthy, very impersonal, often frustrating hiring processes. Duration can be anywhere from several months to two to three years. Many factors are involved in determining the length of a given hiring process.

    As a practical matter, you should plan on doing other work upon your separation from the Armed Forces.


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      I agree with Philipcal.

      It took me 10 months to get hired on with San Diego PD.


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        Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as passing the test, getting processed and getting hired.

        First, government agencies are only authorized (budgeted) for a specific number of people. A new person cannot be hired until a vacancy is created by an existing person leaving.

        Next, new people are hired in the order of their test scores (highest first, next highest second, etc.) If you are number 10 on a hiring list that is good for two years and they anticipate hiring 20 people over the life of that list, they may get to you in a year. OTOH, if you are number 50, odds are you will not be reachable before the hiring list expires and you will never hear from them again.

        For you to get an idea as to where you stand with each agency you need to find out how long their eligible (hiring) list is good for, how many people they anticipate hiring during the life of the list and what your position is on the list. From that you can ballpark when (or if) you might get the call.
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          You WILL NOT ETS and get hired that week. Plan on applying for a few years. Get a job lined up.
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            Gentlemen, thank you for your time. I just spoke to an SDPD recruiter and he told me that the process shouldn't take longer than 4 months if I take the written test on March 30th. Still not gonna put all my eggs in one basket and am going to continue to apply to other agencies and jobs in the meantime.


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