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    Im currently a senior in high school getting ready to graduate. Nothing I want to do in the future besides become a police officer. No tickets or contact with law enforcement at all, and my dad is a respected political figure in my county. That being said he has some connections that can help me (knows local Chief of Police, Sheriff) im starting a security job next month and then going to college to get my 2 year associates in Criminal Justice. My question is if you think I would be ready to start the hiring process straight after college as a 20 year old? Im currently going on ride alongs and getting to know certain departments. Just curious to see what some of you think about my situation. Thanks
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    Only you can assess your level of maturity. At 20 I wasn't ready. I went into the Army, got out, earned a B.S. etc. That's a very individual question. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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      Do not major in CJ just because you think it is some kind of ticket into police work; any major is fine. Security work sucks as well unless they put you on a good contract. Like Z said, only you can answer that question. I don't think we've ever hired anyone that young, but I know other departments that hve.


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        I don't know if NY has a minimum age. In TX you have to be at least 21 to be a commissioned peace officer.

        My advice is to NOT let Dad pull strings. If coworkers find out that the only reason you were hired is pulled strings, you will likely be given the cold shoulder and resented. Plus, if something should happen to you, Dad will have to deal with "If only I hadn't got him that job..."
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          I'm going to tell you right up front that many agencies, most in fact, don't give a fiddler's damn how well connected you might be, or claim to be. Want to really pi..s a Recruiter, Chief, Sheriff off, try that crap. I once sat on an Oral Board, and we were seriously considering a particular candidate. He was looking pretty good until he started regaling the board with how politically connected he was. Saw him about a year later. He was driving a bread truck.

          Alright, thus endeth the lecture. At your age you should be planning to further your education. While you're attending college/university, explore the possibility(s) of either working part time, or interning with your campus police dept. If and when you apply for these positions, be prepared to succeed on YOUR own merit, not some real or imagined political connections you might have. Best of luck in your efforts.


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            Originally posted by just joe View Post
            Do not major in CJ just because you think it is some kind of ticket into police work; any major is fine.
            X2 and +1 on the avoiding the CJ degree. Don't assume the security gig is a desired path to your goal. Really any job which DEALS WITH THE PUBLIC....not cloistered away staring at a computer screen, boxing up widgets, slapping on mailing labels, or just talking on the phone. PUBLIC CONTACT jobs are a good indicator of suitability for a public service career.

            Do not count on those "connections" being there when it's time to apply and be selected. Someone else may be even more "connected". Be able to stand on your own. You're free to humbly say, "Yes, I am" when someone asks, "Are you the Judge's son?" To lead with "Judge _____ is my dad", tells me I'm in for an "interesting" conversation.

            To increase your marketability, consider learning a second language, one which is needed in the are you intend to work.
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              OP, here's your assignment for the day. Re-read Post #6 in it's entirety. Keith said much of what I did, but he said more, and did it better than I did. Take his thoughts to heart. Best of luck in your efforts.


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