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Can a convicted felon work with law enforcement ?


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  • Can a convicted felon work with law enforcement ?

    I am a felon who is on the road to recovery and rehabilitation and have almost 5 years clean and sober and no negative contact with law enforcement, and have been thinking about giving it back to my community by volunteering with local law enforcement officials is this a possibility or did I bump my head?

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    This thread pretty much answers your question


    Cops don't like to associate with convicted felons--------------if you want to volunteer ----try the Red Cross
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      As a 30 year recovering alcoholic, I applaud your turn around. Keep at it!

      That being said, unfortunately there is little-to-no room for convicted felons to work alongside law enforcement.

      You've also made no mention of where you live or intend to do this work, so the overwhelming majority of us have NO CLUE. What the answer is for your community, and mine, may be two different things altogether. There are state specific forums, here, so you may get better results. Big City Mayor's task forces, on the other hand, may be different. Most municipal elected officials have less concern about the records of those they work alongside or seek advice on issues from.
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        You could be a snitch.


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          Originally posted by PhilipCal View Post
          You could be a snitch.
          Your post has to be the best one line response yet. Laughed so friggin hard while eating a steak sandwich, wife had to perform a Heimlich maneuver.


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            OP, do this. Take another look at what Keith offered you. I echo his thoughts across the board, especially the one concerning your efforts at staying clean. Look for other opportunities to help in the community. You should find ample opportunities to volunteer, and possibly even use you computer skills in these efforts.

            Look for opportunities to possibly counsel and mentor people who have had experiences similar to yours. Best of luck.


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              No. And with your user name, never.


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                He hasn't learned. He should team up with gizmo. Pair of Dills.
                Now go home and get your shine box!


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                  Sure you can work with law enforcement. My suggestion is to join your local neighborhood watch, and if you see any suspicious or questionable activity, call the police and let them handle it. Everyone can help make our world a little bit safer.

                  Now if you are talking about getting a job in law enforcement, that might be pretty difficult.
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