Strike 1:
10 years ago I was arrested with my at-the-time girlfriend. We had just got home around 6am from a night of partying, she saw my phone ringing and smashed my phone, yelling at the top of her lungs. Roomate called police, they came and arrested both of us. We were arraigned with the same charges:
Assault 3rd degree (A Misdemeanor);
Menacing 3rd degree (B Misdemeanor);
Harassment Second degree (violation);
-the 4th charge I do not understand: its Article 100 to article 200 so i guess all the article 100 offense to article 200 offenses are the 4th charge???...???
i did not touch her, but that's neither here nor there at this juncture. I got arrested and here we are 10 years later. I am assuming these are domestic violence charges...and since she was arrested i am assuming she was arrested with the same charges, although i could be wrong about what her charges were. We spent the weekend in jail, when we faced the judge he told us to stay out of trouble. Charges were dismissed and the cases sealed. My certificate of disposition says "Court Action -dismissed."

Strike 2:
9 years ago, a year after strike 1 i was stopped by police and given a ticket/summons for open container of alcohol in public.

strike 3
8 years ago i was stopped by police and given a ticket/summons for urinating in public. it was 4am (not that the time matters, but for "context" if you will)

strike 4
6 years ago I was stopped by police as i boarded a train to work. i had just paid my fare and went to sit down when two plainclothes approached me and asked for my ID. They then ran my ID and took me to city/county jail. The reason being i had not paid my ticket or appeared in court for strike 3 above. I don't have all those fine details but my name came up when they called and ran my name. spent the night in jail, appeared before the judge and the case was dismissed the next day. I can't recall exactly what happened in court but I didn't pay anything and the case was dismissed. I'll obtain the court records for exact wording of disposition.

I have since been free of any trouble. All my previous employers speak highly of me and i have never had incidents at work. They would all write me letters of recommendation and/or hire me back. My current employer is seeking to promote me into a supervisor position. They are extremely happy with my performance. I have been happily married for 5 years. Perfect credit, $0 debt. I volunteer from time to time but nothing really major...maybe once a month for 5 hours a day, sometimes months go by without a volunteer assignment. I don't have a college degree, only about 35 credits of college courses to my name.

I am ashamed about my past transgressions. I do not have anyone to blame but myself. They have been humbling experiences to say the least. I have owned up to my mistakes, moved on with my life and hopefully a career in law enforcement is possible.

Questions I have:
1) The obvious question is the infamous "what are my chances?" This is the perfect time to ask given my hellish background. I am looking at law enforcement positions in California, Texas, Arizona, West Virginia and possibly some federal agencies. West Virginia and Texas are at the top of my list but I am not sure if I can be anywhere on their lists. Am i automatically disqualified?

2) Does it matter that I was charged and not convicted? Or does law enforcement not distinguish between the two when hiring?

3)I do not live in California, but if I self-sponsor myself through the P.O.S.T. academy, would it help my chances of being hired given my spotty background? (Assuming i do pass the academy...) I have the funds and the time to do it, just don't know if its a waste of money at this point. Any insight on this would be appreciated.

4)Is there anything else I can do to make myself standout? Or is it time to think of other career options? Although my health is great and I am in excellent physical shape, I turn 40 soon.

5)Any other comment(s) or opinion(s) that I should consider at this juncture.

Thank You all for your time.