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Failed Psych eval affecting out of state application?


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  • Failed Psych eval affecting out of state application?

    Hey there!
    Last year I applied to a Sheriff's Department and proceeded all the way up to getting sworn in five days before the academy started. When I reported for the swearing in, I was informed that I had not passed the Psych Eval. I am a combat veteran, maybe that affected the eval..? So I did not make it into that class.
    I was told that since I was DQ'd that I would need to get my counselor or psychologist to receive and evaluate the results, and to talk about it and sign off that he thinks that I am fit for the position or not. Is this correct even if I am applying to an out of state agency?
    I spoke to a recruiter and was told that it would not affect my application status, does anyone have any insight into this?
    The original application was with San Bernardino County Sheriff's, and the out of state is with Houston Police Department.
    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm not sure if you are talking about appealing San Bernardino's DQ or dealing with Houston.

    California has a process for appealing psych DQs. The exact hoops you have to jump through will depend on the civil service rules of the agency in question, but if you take a look at http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/...ing_Manual.pdf and go to the last two chapters it will give you a ballpark idea of what's involved with getting a second opinion and appealing.

    One agency's DQ does not necessary DQ you from another department. Each has their own Psych standards as interpreted by their own physician. I have seen people fail the psych with Department A on Monday and pass the psych with Department B on Tuesday. I lost track of exactly how many, buy my attorney's son failed around 22 or 23 psychs before he passed one. He's been on now for about 18 years and is doing OK.

    No doubt Houston's shrink will want to see your psych exam from San Bernardino. You will need to sign a waiver and San Bernardino should send it to them. If you fail Houston's psych as well, then you need to consider an appeal. I don't know what the process is in Texas.
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