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Written exam for Pennsylvania state police


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  • Written exam for Pennsylvania state police

    Hi. First time user on this forum. I would like to know if anyone has any details on the Pa troopers written exam? What to expect, best ways to answer strongly agree questions and what type of candidates are they in search for. Any Intel would be greatly appreciated!

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    They want your answers, not others. It's unethical to post answers to tests.
    Now go home and get your shine box!


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      I'm not privy to the test given for the Pennsylvania State Police, and I wouldn't give you information if I were. That said, I'll offer you this. Most written exams are designed to gauge an applicant in what are really basic skills. They include Math, English, Reading comprehension, and Reasoning skills.

      The exam(s) are not rocket science, but you underestimate them at your own peril. A very high percentage of would be applicants fail the written exam, and are therefore eliminated from further consideration in that particular hiring process.

      The passing score for most of these exams is 70%. However, in order for you to emerge as a viable, competitive, candidate, you'll need to score in the mid to high nineties on the written exam.

      There are many very good study guides and publications which can provide you with much help in preparing for the exam. Do some research into these products. Good luck.


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        First I'd advise you post this in the Pennsylvania forum. There are already several threads there which could provide you with great info. No one is going to give you the keys to the castle in the hiring process. Don't sweat it though its just a test. Answer the questions to the best of your ability and do not lie.


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          As pointed out above, we will not give you answers or insight on tests. There are often books or guides that you can buy from stores such as barnes and noble. They are usually comprised of similar questions or old tests. Find out what type of tests they offer in your area and study up.


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