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Applying in Ontario -potential issues


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  • Applying in Ontario -potential issues

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    5-10 years, with nothing new would be about right.
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      Originally posted by ML91 View Post

      I have had 4 incidents with police when I was younger. 2 drinking in public citations, 1 urinating in public citation, and one fine from a fake id when I was trying to get into a bar with friends. I am 23 now with a clean driving and criminal record but these incidents occurred when I was 17-20 years old. I have spoken to a few officers that I know and said I should be fine but I'm worried recruiters might think a bit differently about it. I will disclose these incidents and not hide anything during my pre background questionnaires as I am certain police have this info in their system. Any thoughts?
      20 years old for the last incident, all of which are relatively minor (at least in the eye of the beholder), shouldn't be a huge problem so long as you've kept a clean those everywhere else (steady employment, finances, etc.) and of course disclose everything. I'd say once you have a five year gap, you could be in decent shape but a lot of it depends on the agency. Keep in mind if by Ontario you mean in Canada, most of the advice on here comes from the American side of law-enforcement so there may be some differences and things may be done completely different over there so just keep that in mind as well.

      To be honest while you will have many applicants who have nothing on their record, you will also have many who are older than you and have a lot worse.

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      Why do you bother?


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