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  • Resume Assessment - MP to Civillian Officer

    Hello everyone, I've lurked these forums for a while, but first time posting. I'm coming up on an important decision in about a year whether I want to stay in the military and continue my career as an Army Officer, or get out and pursue employment as a civilian. Mainly as a Police Officer. Frankly I'm not happy with the stagnant garrison Army life, and with the campaigns in the middle east nearly over, it does not look like I'll have the chance to deploy anytime soon. I feel like I'll better serve my community and be more fulfilled working as a civilian officer. Those are basically my motives, here are the pros/cons of my applications:

    • 25 years old
    • White male
    • Single
    • Grew up in Oregon

    • Bachelor degree from state school. I was an Accounting major and graduated with a 3.6 GPA
    • 6 years total military experience. 3 years enlisted National Guard (infantry) and 3 years commissioned active duty (Military Police). As you can imagine I have a lot of relatable work experience as an active duty MP Officer. Patrols, LE courses, managing soldiers, accountability of property, and of coursed being OC sprayed a few times. Not sure it will help any but also Airborne and Air Assault qualified.
    • Extremely physically fit
    • Worked as a security guard through college
    • Worked fast food in high school
    • Took a year of Spanish in College, made it to the immerdiate level. Thinking of picking it back up.
    • Absolutely no criminal record

    Not so great
    • Never deployed while I was in the Army.
    • Smoked marijuana 3 times when I was 16 years old
    • Totaled my car when I was 17, but was not ticked. (accidently drove straight through a ditch)
    • Got a speeding ticket when I was 17. Went to a defensive driving class.
    • Underage drinking a few times in High School. More times than I can count in College.
    • Porn - Yes I watch porn all the time. Bachelor life I guess.
    • Stealing - I illegally download movies and music every now and then. I'd estimate maybe 50 times over my life.

    I have no doubt I will be hired as a Police Officer somewhere. I'm very excited about the opportunity to interact with and help the local community on a daily basis. My main concern is timing. I've seen countless posts on here with people waiting over 2 years to be hired on. I would be willing to endure that wait, but it would be difficult to find a temporary job with the income level I'm used to right now. I'd like to work at larger city like Houston, Dallas, Portland, or Seattle. So I guess I'm interested to hear how desirable a candidate I would be, assuming I nail the oral board. Thanks in advance for the replies

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    Re your "not so great:"

    No one cares that you never deployed. With the current mission creep, if you stay in, you will be deployed.

    No one cares about your MJ use.

    Speaking for my agency, we don't care about your traffic history from when you were 17.

    Some will be much more critical than others when it comes to your underage drinking as an adult.

    I don't think anyone cares about your porn.

    While downloading theft may be common among young adults, it is still problematic.

    As a word of advice, when you submit resumes and cover letters to a potential employer (because you will still need to support yourself), do not submit something that looks like a packet going to a promotion board. You need to write for your audience, and translate military skills to civilian applications.
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      Just joe,

      Thank you for the reply and advice. I agree, even looking back at my post I think I typed it more in a military bullet format than a background statement. Definitely a habit I will need to get out of relatively soon.


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        I'm going to come at your query from a little different angle. If you apply to a Civil Service agency, your resume will be neither desired or required. What will be critical is how well you score on the original written exam. While 70% is generally a "passing" grade, a score in the mid to high nineties is a virtual requirement for you to emerge as a viable, reachable candidate.

        You will need to score consistently high in each phase of the exam process to be placed sufficiently high on an Eligibility Register to be considered for employment.

        Please understand that I'm neither negating or belittling your current accomplishments. I'm sincerely thankful for your service, and wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.


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          We will be hiring 380-320 officers in the next year.

          Assistant Chief Vazquez,
          Houston Police Department


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            @Phil: I was talking about the non-police jobs that he would have to apply for in order to support himself pending a PD's hiring process.


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              Thanks for the reply. Especially with the big agencies it seems like the first hurdle is even being recognized by scoring high enough on the written exams. Like I said I have about a year until I get out of the Army, so I'll be using this time to study up on the tests. Thanks!


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                You're entirely welcome. The very best of luck, and thank you for your service.


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