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just took the psych interview help


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  • just took the psych interview help

    Hello to all! Im stuck in limbo. Ive passed everything in the hiring process so far but....

    My psych interviewer put a hold on my case until I forward my medical records to them becuase I took prozac for 5 years for depression and anxiety, all up until 2011. Lost grandparents and best friend, constant lay offs due to low work. Only saw the college counselor twice. Now I know i might get grilled for being on meds in the first place but I would like to know if its "the kiss of death"? Will i most likely get DQ? Please reply!

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    Forward them your medical records and find out.
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      Thanks Iowa, im on that rightnow. Asked for the rest of the day off at work and im going to get that faxed to them today.


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        No one on these boards can tell you with any certainty what the outcome of your case might be. As a very general consideration, any agency will be concerned with an applicant who has past physc issues, whatever the reason. Please understand, that I mean no disrespect to you individually, nor am I attempting in anyway to demean you.

        Past mental health issues can be a very large potential liability down the road. Hopefully,a particular Calif colleague may see your post and give you some additional insights. In the meantime, as my colleague has suggested, submit your records and see what happens. Best of luck.


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          Thanks PhilipCal, no disrespect felt. I know they would be concerned and want to see if Im stable. I made sure that I explained to the psych Dr that it only manifested in fatigue and stress due to worrying about how I was going to pay my bills and buy groceries while morning a few deaths from loved ones


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            I have to agree with Phil, medical issues with medications can be quite the hurdle, forward them the files and go from there.


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              How they will decide the matter cannot be explained simply in one or two sentences (or paragraphs).

              If you want a better understanding of how the process works, read this.


              It will give you an idea of how complex the psych screening process is.
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