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Will Debt and Crohn's Disease affect my chances of being hired?


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  • Will Debt and Crohn's Disease affect my chances of being hired?

    Updated thread.
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    The debt will hurt you. Departments see that you're at risk for either bribery or stealing. They may also consider its irresponsible. Finish school and start working on that debt. Restablish some decent credit. This will take years, but it's possible
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      Debt and Crohn's Disease

      I agree completely with my colleague's thoughts. ANY debt which goes to collections raises a big red flag. My Agency is very conscious of this, and will DQ an applicant with far less debt problems than those you've related here. For you to have any, and I mean any chance all for employment in this profession, it is imperative that you begin to repair your debt situation immediately.

      The process itself, as my colleague noted, will take years. The sooner you get started, the better. The Crohn's Disease? While not a medical person, I'd say presently that your condition is the least of your worries relative to law enforcement.


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        One more time, we're being asked to comment on someone's suitability, when we have no idea where you live, where you want to work, and what the needs of that particular department are...but, here we go:

        Depends upon the department you want to try for. At one time, with so many people in financial trouble, LAPD (allegedly) softened its stand on bad credit to keep the numbers of applicants up. But here's the deal. I don't want collection calls, at my station, for Officer ____. I, too, suggest you get your finances in better shape.

        If the Crohn's Disease is an officer safety issue, making you a danger to yourself and your co-workers, no. Although they say they can't discriminate, under ADA, the choice will be made for the more healthy applicant, over you. They won't say why, just that you were not as outstanding as the other candidate chosen.
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          Thanks for the responses! I'm considering bankruptcy. Where would I stand after this? It would be on my credit for 7 years. If that isn't possible, my debt is really only two items. the SSI and car repossession. The rest only totals less than $2,000 and will be paid off as soon as possible. If they were my only two factors and montly payments are being made on both, would it raise my chances? Before this my only debt was SSI and I worked endlessly to rebuild my credit. I'm in Pennsylvania and was considering PPD or Septa Police.
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            Call them and ask. CD is a severe illness which ican be stress driven and would create huge issues.
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              Read here about how Crohn's/colitis will effect you.

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                My daughter has had Crohns disease for almost 20 years and she is unable to work as she has to go to the bathroom 20 plus times a day..Before retiring I had a Deputy working for me that had severe stomach issues subsequently diagnosed as Crohns. He had to leave his duty station multiple times per shift to use the restroom... He transferred to patrol and after 1 months training had to end up resigning as he could not work in a environment where the bathroom wasn't close by...
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                  Originally posted by AnthonyL1991 View Post
                  I'm considering bankruptcy. Where would I stand after this?
                  A Bankruptcy supposedly will not really impact your candidacy .

                  However the circumstances that lead to the bankruptcy will be considered. In that end, re-read responses #2, #3, & #4 carefully several times
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                    The debt may hurt your chances worse than Crohn's. I had Crohn's throughout my career. Depending on the severity and location, as every case is different, it may hinder your career. Remission is possible and may be required to begin your career. Access to a bathroom is virtually impossible for any first responder type job.


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                      As an afterthought, one of my Academy classmates had Crohn's, he seemed to do alright. I don't know how severe it was.
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