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Will any other agency hire me again?


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  • Will any other agency hire me again?

    Good morning everyone, hope all is well. I had a quick question and hope anyone out there can shed some light on this! Last year around this time I got hired with a large South California department and got picked up for detentions, I was 22. I was about two months into the Academy when I got news that I got a scholarship to go to a couple of universities. I was juggling the Academy and night classes at a local community college so getting accepted to a 4 year university was great news. I had two months to accept the scholarship and sign up for classes so I dropped out of the Academy and explained to all my TO's my situations and Sgt which they all agreed was in my best interest since I was only 22.

    Its been a year now and I will be getting my B/S in half a year and was thinking of going through the hiring process with some agencies or even trying to get in contact with the same department. My question was how unlikely are my chances of getting rehired after quitting? I was the third best in class of 50, academically, and physically. I have also been working for the DA's office in my city and have build up quite a list of great references. I am graduating with a 3.6gpa in honors so I hope that helps. Are my days in LE over?? Sometimes I think I should have stuck it through in detentions and just attend some other school and pay my way through college Oh well. Sorry for the grammar, I'm on the mobile.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and help. I truly appreciate it!

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    I don't think it's that big of a deal. People drop out of academies all the time for various reasons, and people make all kinds of choices when they are 22.

    That specific agency may think twice but I don't think most others would.

    You're older now, have the degree... you're probably more competitive now than you were then.
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      Chris, my thought is go for it. Best of luck.


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        Dude, you're fine.


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          It's up to each agency. I wouldn't sweat it too much if what you are saying is the truth.

          Good luck in your endeavors.


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            Thanks for all the replies! I guess it is up to each agency so there is no way to get a clear answers. I'll have to try and see how far I get.


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              I left my first academy mid-way through in 2003. I was rehired (different agency) in 2005.
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                So what happens when ANOTHER agency puts in time and money on you, and you get another offer? Gonna run out on them too?
                Try committing to something. Show you mean what you say.

                I would pass on you for someone who wants to work for me...
                Now go home and get your shine box!


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                  I agree with CCCSD, I regret it and now feel like I have to jump an extra step to explain that. I still work with the same County at the DAs office and I'm still in contact with the department that hired me since we work close together. I did commit to school though so hopefully they take that into consideration?? I couldn't pass up the scholarship so hopefully it helps me more than hurts me. Thank you


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                    I think you left for a good reason. You bettered yourself & made yourself a better candidate.

                    Getting a degree is always good. I am looking for Academy Instructors but they have to have at least an AA. You would not believe how many good cops & retired cops are ineligible because while they have a ton of units, don't have a degree.


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                      If you'd left to work for a contractor because you thought your true love was digging ditches, and 2 years later you realize that you hate digging ditches -- then yes, I would agree with CCSD. But most people consider college a valuable life experience that benefits you as well as them. Some departments won't even look at you with a degree. So based on the reasons, I'd think you would be ok.


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