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  • GA to SC Transfer

    Is anyone familiar with the basic mandate training that will transfer from GA to SC? I've been active in GA for a little while and am looking to transfer to SC.

    I called the SCCJA and they mentioned a "training review" but couldn't give any specifics, other than it's likely I would attend a shorter (half) class schedule than the 12 week mandate class. Obviously I'll need the SC legal classes and need to pass firearms but not sure what other courses would be required.

    I'm just curious if anyone has been through the process and how much of my GA training will transfer and how much SC will require.

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    When I went through SCCJA we had several certified classmates from all over. They were there for (I think) 6 weeks. They took legals, DT and maybe some other stuff. Many of them failed because they thought they already knew it all and didn't study and didn't practice for the DT practical. One guy in particular got recycled so many times he was there longer than I was.


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      Thank you for the reply! Sounds about right, from what I was told.

      I've already begun to practice their course of fire. DT practical is new to me. GA's was pass or fail. Not easy, but also not technical--more about seeing if you stayed in the fight. I'd be interested to know about SC's DT practical, if you'd be willing to share it (PM is fine).


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        From the SCCJA manual: "Officers who are formerly certified (either out-of-state or in South Carolina, with less than a 3-year break in service) attend the first six weeks of the twelve-week Basic Training Session. Qualification for the Special Basic training should be determined by your agency prior to registration."

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          Fantastic, thanks for sharing. Will download and review.


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