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  • background interview question

    I am in process for an out of the area department and have been in backgrounds for about four weeks. I was called today and asked to go out there for my background interview. I asked if they had started and he said ya they were almost done. My question is does this mean I will likely pass or would they make me come out there regardless? Its not cheap to go last minute so id like to think there is a good chance of passing. My background isnt perfect but nothing horrible. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Only the agency you are in the process for knows the answer to that question
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      Ya I agree I just like to think if they were swaying towards a DQ they would mail me a sorry letter.


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        if you have not received said letter, then your not done yet, one way or another. only that agency could possibly answer your question

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          More than likely you are going for what’s called a discrepancy interview. It is rare not to have one. No matter how accurately you answer each question on a PHS, things will come up during the background that will be in conflict. Employment records may differ from your recollection as to dates worked. A place you claim to have worked may have gone out of business years ago and they need additional information to try and locate people who can verify your employment. Someone’s recollection of your involvement in a particular event may differ significantly from yours and the matter needs clearing up. It’s just a matter of clearing up discrepancies.

          How big or small they can be will just depend on what turns up. You pretty much know your own background so you should have a pretty good idea of what’s there. However, every once in a while things can go sideways.

          For example, many years ago my attorney's son purchased a basic car. He removed the factory seats, wheels and sound system, put them in storage and replaced them expensive aftermarket items. A few years later his car was stolen. When recovered, it has been pretty much stripped out and his insurance company declared it to be totaled. He approached his insurance company with receipts for all the high end aftermarket items he had in the car to prove they were really there, explained he still had the stock items in storage and offered to purchase what was left of the car back from the insurance company so he could rebuild it. They sold it to him, he rebuilt the car and continued to drive it, but with stock equipment.

          A couple of years later he applied to become a police officer. The BI contacted a neighbor who had no knowledge of what transpired but was full of assumptions. The neighbor told him the applicant had committed insurance fraud by falsely reporting his own vehicle, striping it, collecting the insurance on it and then continuing to drive it around.

          Naturally he got called in for a discrepancy interview. He had to pull up all his receipts for the initial purchase of the vehicle, the aftermarket items, the purchase of the remains of the vehicle from the insurance company, etc. In addition the BI had to interview the investigating agency and insurance company personnel to straighten things out. It delayed processing his background by an extra month before he was approved..
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