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Is it possible to work part time for Boston Police Department?


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  • Is it possible to work part time for Boston Police Department?

    I'm currently in the military and am planning on finishing up my bachelors degree and going on to law school when I am separated. I would like to attend BU, and my overall goal is to become an FBI agent. Would it be possible to use BPD as a stepping stone to gain experience and make me stand out a little for the hiring process for the FBI?

    I understand that Boston is not an easy place to just apply and get the job, but I love the city and it is my "dream" location. With that said, if anyone has any other big cities in mind that I'd be able to work for while attending school I would love to hear them!

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    Are you asking if Boston has part time police officers, or are you asking about PT civilian position?

    Are you going to have the GPA and LSAT to get into a T1 school?

    Don't expect to be able to work at all as a 1L.

    My reading shows me that if you want to impress someone you need to concentrate on your GPA, Law Review, clerkships and internships -- not some part time job working for a PD.


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      You might want to try to intern at a Law firm or with the State's Attorney's Office.
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        Most large cities have union contracts that prohibit part time officers...............................as well as the fact that large departments have enough resources that they don't need part timers
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          Good luck trying to get hired in Mass.
          It's a closed shop in that state.
          I don't know if the have reserves. Did you call them?


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            @justjoe I was thinking of working for the few years it will take me to get the bachelors degree.

            @iowa that's what I was fearing

            @cccsd stationed overseas so it makes contact difficult. Also a couple years out of actually putting the plan in motion


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