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Academy and school?


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  • Academy and school?

    If I am accepted into the academy, should I withdraw from my college classes? If so, when would you recommend registering again? Just curious if I should even bother to sign up for the spring semester. I am currently awaiting the results of my oral board and the scuttlebutt is the academy starts around January/February. Wishful thinking here obviously as I still have a few obstacles to get past in the hiring process but I figured no harm in looking ahead.

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    It will be very hard to do school and the academy... the academy IS school and you will be expected to complete assignments, study, and do extensive reading and such. It will be hard to balance the two. You could always go back to school once you get the job and go off probation.
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      I don't see how you are going to do both.


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        Most academies are either AT colleges or have arrangements with a local college to give credit for the course. My academy was worth, IIRC, 38 units for the 5 months. Keep in mind you're EARNING that credit, we didn't get over 1 year's worth of college credit for looking good... we were BUSY.

        Taking courses while you're working is possible, especially if you're willing to take classes on line or via other non-traditional means, but I'd wait until after FTO and probation. You probably won't be able to take a full load, but you can make progress.
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          Your not going to be able to do both.


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            I agree, you won't be able to do both. If you try, one (more likely than not, both) will suffer.

            I wouldn't change anything until I KNEW that I was hired. My department has changed academy start dates numerous times. An early spring class doesn't get started until the summer, a fall class gets pushed to after New Years, etc, etc.

            Register for the spring semester, pay in cash, this will ensure you are hired. If your luck is anything like mine you will be hired and it will be AFTER the drop/add/withdrawal date.

            Good luck.
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