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Ride along during background phase.


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  • Ride along during background phase.

    Hey guys,

    First of all I want to say thank you to all the officers who take time out of their day to post on these forums and help people like me through the hiring process. I have been lurking on these forums for a little while now. I am currently testing with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and have passed the written, physical fitness, interview, and polygraph stages and have moved on to my background interview with a detective. During this phase applicants are required to do a ride along for an entire shift. My question is, what kinds of questions should I be asking the officer while I am riding with him? What should my general demeanor be during the ride along? I know that every part of a hiring process is important and graded etc. so I want to make sure I leave a good impression. I've been on ride alongs before but never with this department and only with the department I worked for while in college.


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    Be professional. Dress professional, act professional. This person is going to be answering the question, "Would you want to work with this guy?"

    Don't ask questions based on what we tell you. Cops have finely tuned BS detectors--the finest in the world--so if you ask questions only because they sound good on this forum, you're doing yourself a disservice. What do you really want to know? Ask those questions you have about the department and it's nuances; take advantage of the opportunity for all it's worth, just make sure you are genuine about it. And, again, professionalism above all else. Have fun.


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      Don't ask if you can play with the flashy lights or the "woo-woo thingy". Asking if they prefer glazed or chocolate is acceptable and expected along with delivery. Don't hang you head out the window with your tongue out unless it's a K-9 unit, it's acceptable in this case. Don't pretend the PA speaker is a CB radio and warn other drivers of the "smokies". Don't tap on the cage when there is someone in the back. Don't ask a clerk if your soda/ coffee is free also since you are with them. Don't attempt to play the "Meow Game". Don't ask if Super Troopers is a documentary. Don't try to find hidden cameras for COPS. Don't ask "can I touch the rifle?".

      That's all I can think of for now....but in all seriousness, what Nathan571 said.
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        Haha thanks, I appreciate it... I'll make sure to keep my head inside the car with my tongue in my mouth as much as possible. No guarantees though.


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          Think how you would feel with some stranger riding with you for a shift... and act appropriately.
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            Just be professional in every manner, dress and the way you act. Ask the questions you want to know about the department. I had lots of questions that there was never a good time to ask during my application process, but when I did a ride along with one of the officers I now work with I was able to get some good information from inside the department.

            Just remember that someone is going to ask the guy you ride with "Do you want to work with that guy?" so present yourself with that in mind.


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              A buddy of mine was in the process with me a long time ago. We were required to do ride alongs with the agency. He got a little too involved, no fault to him, meant well, and got dropped. Be professional. He went on to another agency and I joined him there. GREAT Cop.

              Got killed LODD a few years later... RIP.


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                Turn your cell off and don’t ask the officer to pose for a selfie. .
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                  Wow! What an experience. I had such a good time and the officers I rode with were great! We got along really well and I got a ton of great info about the department! Thanks for the advice guys! I'm so pumped and I really hope everything works out!


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                    I can't speak for anyone else, but I HATE when people ask "What is the craziest thing you have ever seen?!".

                    I'm glad that you had a good experience, it sounds like you found out a lot of the information that you were looking for.


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                      Glad it went well for you and good luck in the process. Sounds like you are close to the end and I know that is an exciting feeling.


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                        Originally posted by okgr2056 View Post
                        Glad it went well for you and good luck in the process. Sounds like you are close to the end and I know that is an exciting feeling.
                        Yes it's super exciting. I'm just waiting on my background now... Everything is done, written, physical, oral, poly... I'm going crazy with anticipation! I just want it to be done!


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