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Taking PELLETB written test two days apart? (California)


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  • Taking PELLETB written test two days apart? (California)

    1) I am scheduled to take the PELLETB with a city department on Oct 4th. Today, I was asked by a different department to come take their PELLETB on Oct 6th. What is the correct procedure here? Will I have a "T-score" on the 4th that I can forward immediately to the city I am testing with on the 6th? If it takes longer than 2 days to get my T-score from my test on the 4th, does this mean I cannot test on the 6th? I understand I am not supposed to take this test more than once within 30 days so I do not want to simply sign up for the 4th and 6th tests and take both like nothing is wrong. What is the best move -- call the second city and tell them I will be using my score from the 4th (even though I do not have it yet)?

    2) Is the written test of Orange County Sheriff (CA) the PELLETB? I have already passed this one -- no mention of it being the PELLETB, but want to be sure. If it is, how do I get my T-score?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    California POST PELLETB FAQS

    9. Can an applicant take the exam multiple times?

    Yes, however, before an applicant can retest, the applicant must wait for a period of one month (30 calendar days) before taking the exam again. This applies even if the exam is taken through a different department/agency than the original exam.

    10. How are test results processed?

    All answer sheets are sent to POST for processing. Upon receipt, POST electronically scans the answer sheets and renders a score report which includes a breakdown of each applicant’s reading, writing, and total T-scores. The score report is sent to the agency (either as a hard copy or electronically, depending on the agency’s preference) within 5 business days.

    12. How are test results reported to applicants?

    As indicated in the POST Security Agreement, all agencies/academies that use the PELLETB are required to provide each applicant with a T- score breakdown that includes the individual applicant’s reading, writing, and total T-scores. The score breakdown must be provided to the applicant in writing on agency/academy letterhead within 30 days of the test administration. POST does not provide T-scores to applicants.

    I do not believe that OC Sheriff use POST PELLETB for written exam.


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      Thanks Usman.

      Another issue just came up:

      I am invited to two PAT's at exactly the same time and day. They cannot be rescheduled. However, they are exactly the same events (99 yard course, 165lb drag, 2 6ft walls, 500 yard run). Is there a way to use one PAT to cover the other, similar to how the written T-score can be used pan-department?



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        Your best bet is to contact the recruiting unit of the agencies you are applying to and ask them.


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