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Speeding tickets/wrecks hurt my chances?


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  • Speeding tickets/wrecks hurt my chances?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a former LE Explorer, 22 yrs old, have an Associates Degree and I've applied to a few departments both in my home state of KY and some surrounding states (OH and TN). I've gotten to the end of the process with a few departments but have been eliminated by "the rule of three" so far. My question is, tonight I got a speeding ticket (10 MPH Over). I actually have an interview with a PD tmrw early morning and was trying to get home to go to bed and I made the wrong decision to speed up a little bit. Still no excuse tho. But my question is now that I have 2 speeding tickets (1 in 2012 and this one tonight) and I've been at fault for 2 single vehicle (my vehicle) accidents all in 2012 as well, have my chances gone down to zero for the next couple years til I get some time past this past ticket? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
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    2 speeding tickets (I hate when someone writes for only 10 over) won't really hurt you the big thing is the 2 vehicle crashes. You need to let the PD know tomorrow that you got a speeding ticket, it looks a lot worse if you don't tell them. Some advice would be to take a driving improvement school, shows the PDs that your working at getting better, but with your age and 2 crashes I think it will probably be a couple of years before you get hired.


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      I had 2 parking lot "fender benders" in 2004, when I went for my hiring board in 2005, I got hammered with questions about driving and accidents. They eventually joked that I'd never be allowed near any parking lots in a patrol car. I got hired 2 weeks later.

      It all depends on the agency... but I would disclose it if asked. I'm not sure if they ask about tickets in the hiring boards anymore, but if they do, disclose it, and definitely mention it on your applications and any subsequent interviews/polygraphs.
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        My Agency would consider your problems a little too recent. In no event will they help you. You're simply going to have to be a little more careful.


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          The speeding tix wouldn't be a big deal, even the recent one... the two wrecks would be depending on circumstances.
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            Speeding tickets/wrecks hurt my chances?


            I'm a bit concern. Over 6 years ago I was living in Puerto Rico and I was very reckless driver and had a bunch of tickets but since I moved to Fl 6 years ago I only had 2. How will this affect me in the process? Anyone!?

            Thank you!
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              Speeding multiple times shows you have a disregard for the law. Those are just two times you were caught. Two crashes in the same period shows you have judgement issues. Give it 5-7 years and stop driving stupid!


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