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  • Interview next week…

    I have recently separated from the military, as a military police officer. In the state of New Mexico, they consider a MP, SF, MOA, ECT… an out of state lateral. The agency that I have an interview with, has already hired one SF straight from the Air Force, and now is in phase 3 of FTO. If everything goes right, hopefully I will be the second in the state.

    Just have a couple of questions on what to expect during the interview. Since it's a board type interview, am I expected to sit at "attention" the whole time? What kind of questions can I expect to be asked of me. I know to ask some questions as well. I'm going to be asking about opportunities with in the community, questions about the SWAT team, what kind of training opportunities will arise? What else can I ask? What would be appropriate to ask, and what would not be appropriate to ask?

    I appreciate every one of you for what you do, and for the time that you took to look at my questions. Stay safe.

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    Originally posted by Fidget516 View Post
    I Since it's a board type interview, am I expected to sit at "attention" the whole time? .
    If you do that you would be considered "rigid" and probably hard to get along with.

    Law Enforcement IS NOT THE MILITARY-----

    The only thing that you will recognize between the military and LE is a rank structure. Even that is NOT comparable. LE is a PARA-military structure.
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      I wouldn't ask about opportunities within the community, I would know what they are prior to the interview. Personally, I wouldn't ask about SWAT because it doesn't even apply to you right now since you will have to serve your 3-5 years prior to that. Sell your military experience and how the core values relate to that of the department. Know everything about the department such as mission statements, values, rank structure, and what type of policing they conduct.


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        This is what most orals score you on -

        • Experience – assesses your ability and experience in accepting responsibilities and performing assigned tasks as demonstrated through achievements in work, school, and other activities.

        • Problem Solving – assesses your reasoning skills in developing timely, logical responses to a wide variety of situations and problems.

        • Communication Skills – assesses your oral communications skills, which includes speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication.

        • Interest/Motivation – addresses your interest in and preparedness for the peace officer job. It includes an assessment of your general level of interest, initiative, and goal orientation.

        • Interpersonal Skills – assesses many facets, such as social knowledge/appropriateness, social insight, empathy, social influence, social self-regulation, sociability, team orientation, social self-confidence, conflict management skills, and negotiating skills.

        • Community Involvement/Awareness – focuses specifically on your experiences and interest in community issues, as well as your interest in and ability to fill multiple roles and serve a diverse community.
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          There are a couple of things to remember during your interview. First, as was already pointed out, LE is NOT the military. While the military is definitely good experience, being on the street has its own different set of rules. Secondly, just be respectful and be yourself when answering the questions. Interviewers are extremely knowledgeable at picking out the "cookie cutter" answers and will be able to see when you are being genuine with your responses. While this may be easier said than done, try not to stress about it and keep your head clear before and after the interview.


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